Monday, June 16, 2014

MOMables Monday: Funny Face Cracker Stackers

MOMables Cracker Stackers are always a crowd-pleaser at my house. Especially when I make them in fun shapes!

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Kindergarten Stackers
Goat cheese, Glutino crackers, rice crackers, organic carrots and strawberries
Friday, 4/25/14 - I got this cute little fruit and veggie face cutter set and thought that the tomato and hot dog octopus cutters looked like heads with funny hair. So I made them into funny faces.

There weren't enough intact Glutino crackers, so I included some Crunchmaster rice crackers as well. I had leftover carrot strings cut with my spiralizer, so they went in too. Fun!

Toddler Munchies
Organic tomatoes and carrots, corn cake, organic grapes and strawberries, goat cheese
Little Sis used to loooove rice crackers, but now, not so much. So I broke up a corn cake (like a thin rice cake, but with corn) for her cheese scraps. Not that she stacks them anyway.

Her fruit is in a jumbo silicone star cup, which I think I got at World Market.

Tools of the Trade

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