Friday, June 20, 2014

Lunch has Gone to the Dogs!

When we switched to gluten-free bread, I lost the use of most of my sandwich cutters, since gluten-free bread doesn't rise like regular bread, so slices are much smaller. This doghouse Lunch Punch is one of the few that can still fake it. You can't really see the house shape in the outer bread, but the dog part of the cutter is still useful. I used two kinds of bread to help the shape stand out more.

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Organic carrots and strawberries, GF Sunbutter-jelly sandwich, HappyTots GF cookies
Friday, 5/16/14 (my birthday!) - For my Kindergartener, I used some whole grain "white" bread for the sandwich, and a puppy cut out from a slice of "brown" bread to fit inside the puppy-shaped hole.

Ever since running the lunch activity with her class, she's been asking for Sunbutter more and more, so I was happy to oblige! There are two kids in her class with peanut allergies, but they appear to not be contact allergies, so the other kids can all have nut products. But my girl likes to "experience" her food, so tends to get messy hands, and I've always worried about her smearing peanut butter all over everything after lunch.

Happy Tots GF cookies, GF Sunbutter-jelly sandwich, organic carrots and strawberries
E doesn't eat nearly as much on the sandwich front, so instead of making a whole one that I'd get to throw out later, I used a single slice of brown bread to squeak out two puppy cut-outs. I then used one for Big Sister's sandwich, and then took the white one from her to complete the toddler's sandwichling. 

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