Tuesday, October 4, 2011

U is for Unicorn Bento!

Last week at her drop-off preschool, the letter they were focusing on was 'U.' She came home Tuesday with a paper letter 'U' covered with hole-punched umbrella shapes. She was very excited about it. I had originally planned to use regular and mini-sized umbrella cutters from the Wilton Easter sets, until I remembered the unicorns!
I used EasyLunchBoxes for both of us.

U is for Unicorn
Top (her lunch): See below
Bottom (my lunch): PBJ, cheese scraps, Ranch, carrot sticks, strawberries w/blueberries
I was getting tired of plain carrots, so I caved and got myself some Ranch (in a Tupperware Smidget.) The strawberries were on their last legs, so I put some in both our lunches. Normally I save berries for her, since she's a berry fiend. And apple slices are less messy for me to eat while driving!

Her lunch: Apple-cinnamon rice cake, unicorn PBHoney, pea pods,
mozzarella unicorns, strawberries/blueberries
I used a pink sugar eye on her unicorn sandwich (I got regular and mini-sized cutters from someone on ebay. Garden gnomes too! Squeee!) She hasn't been getting enough grains lately, so I thought a sweetened rice cake might actually get eaten. Plus it made the large compartment look less empty. No dice, though. She was angry that it was even in there!
She's been mostly eating her pea pods when I pack them, so I put some in.
I cut up most of the strawberries, so they'd fit better. Plus they justified adding the 'U' bento pick! But I made sure to leave one big one whole, since she chooses the berry cartons based on the size of the berries. I tossed in some blueberries as an afterthought, to give it more color, but also to be skewered!
She did NOT want to be photographed! I finally gave up.
She ate very little of it at lunchtime, although I got her to eat her peas after school. She ate all the berries, for once, so I tossed in some of mine while she was in school, so she'd have some more to go with everything else after school.
She moved the sugar eye onto a cheese unicorn, and it kind of melted in while she was gone. Ewww. She ate all the cheese by the end of the day as well, but I had to throw out the rice cake (since it was all sticky) and most of the sandwich after dinner.

Bento Lunch


  1. I bought them from bakeitpretty.com, but sweetbakingsupply.com has them and loads of the stuff BIP has for less! I bought all 4 colors in both sizes (pink, blue, yellow, white; 1/4" and 3/8")

  2. So cute! following you from the Melomamma blog hop.

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    Lisa @ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery


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