Monday, October 31, 2011

Top Five - October 2011

October 2011's Top 5 Posts (most pageviews):
3/4 (tied) Eye Spy Bento
 How (Not) to Make Creepy Blood Worms (An oldie from Halloween last year.)

October's Top 5 Referring URLs:
1. What's For Lunch At Our House ( thanks to What's For Lunch Wednesdays)
2. Family Fresh Cooking - Project Lunch (Thanks to a link-up on ONE post! Amazing!)
3. (The link-ups just started this month, and I got an incredible response just for participating! Wahoo!)
4. Prior Fat Girl (A total surprise! Unbeknownst to me, she linked to my blog in a post about how making food fun leads to being happier about eating healthy. What a turnout! Thanks!)
5. EasyLunchBoxes - Fan Sites

And for a long time this month, there was a surprise contender (just got bumped to 6th by ELB at the last minute!) The Well-Trained Mind, where one of my firstest-ever 'followers' made a comment on a forum, with a link to my bento search label! (6th comment down; above link is to page 3 of the original forum discussion on bento!) Thanks Mommy Lydia!

October's Top 5 Referring Sites:
1. Google
5. Prior Fat Girl

I was shocked NOT to see EasyLunchBoxes in my top 5. First time ever! (No worries, Kelly. You're number 7!)

"creepy halloween food" and "creepy halloween recipes" (and with the words rearranged in other order, like "halloween creepy food") were 3 of my top 5 keyword searches (and 4 out of the top 8.) Which explains the surge in pageviews for my Blood Worms post! The rest of the top 5 posts make sense, since I pimped the heck out of them linked them up to a lot of fun new weekly memes!


  1. Your ideas are so fun! I love the eye spy bento. My kids would go crazy for that. :)

  2. Pretty darned good considering that Bento Blog Network is only 5 weeks old! The site has had over 10,000 hits in those 5 weeks.

  3. Wow. You remember me! (just getting caught up on your posts. a newborn can be just as destructive to the schedule as a pregnancy!)

    I'd totally forgotten I made that post. Didn't realize you'd ever see it. good thing I didn't say anything too bad, right?


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