Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top Five - September 2011

I've seen other blogs do this, and while I can't promise I'll remember it every month, it seems like something mind-numbingly easy fun to post!
September 2011's Top 5 Posts (most pageviews):
5.My Heart in My Hands (a surprise oldie contender!)
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September's Top 5 Referring Sites:
4. Networked Blogs (via my Facebook auto-posts, I'm assuming)

September's Top 5 Referring URL's:
1. EasyLunchBoxes Fan-Sites page (Love the new banner she did up for me there!)
2. What's For Lunch at Our House (Probably from the WFLW posts, but I'm assuming people are just going to her main URL to find her WFLW post and finding my link that way)
3. Just a Bunch of Momsense linky party (I REALLY hope she does these more often!)
4. EasyLunchBoxes - Yummy Lunch Ideas (She has some of my earlier ones on page 4.)
5. Muffin Tin Mom's Muffin Tin Monday (Not bad, considering what a slacker I've been on these for the past few months!)

I was very surprised to see a post from way back in FEBRUARY up there, so clearly I chose my title well! [My #1 search keywords for this month were "heart in hand," with "heart in hands" as my #4!] I always love reading the top keyword search results, since there are often some really strange ones that lead people to me! One strange one this month was "are you my mother snort" which, if you Google it and then click the images tab, my MTM pics are right near the top! Scoooore!

A big thanks to all the sites that hosted link-up parties that led people to me, and especially to EasyLunchBoxes. I love plugging sites and products that I like, ESPECIALLY when there's something in it for me too (exposure to more fans!) Squeee!

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