Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Bunny Bento

I wanted to make a small lunch, since she hadn't eaten much food at all the previous two days, and my little bunny bento bread shaper was the perfect way to make the sandwich small enough to fit into our Tinkerbell bento box. I had also hoped that the bunny shape would inspire her to actually eat it, since she's nowhere close to getting her 8 servings of grains a day, and really needs to step up on the sandwich eating front!

Happy Bunnies
Bunny PBHs, cheddar daisies, black plum and grapes, carrot flowers w/broccoli
The grapes and veggies were left over from her previous lunch. I'm not sure what I did with the other half of the black plum. Maybe I ate it that morning... or maybe it had been in the fridge, left over from something else.
I had a teeeny tiny cutter from a little set from Toysmith that is no longer available that I used on half a slice of pre-sliced cheddar my husband had bought to make himself sandwiches to pack to work. She prefers mozzarella usually (and the string cheese nibblets specifically,) but sometimes eats the Colby Jack. But I was just too lazy to slice up some CoJack, and I wanted something fancier that nibblets. (The mini paper muffin liner is from a really old set I got many Easters ago - before Z was even born!)

For the bunnies, I used blue and green jimmies stuck in endwise to the eye holes pushed in by the bread shaper press. I smooshed in curved ones to make smiles. She LOVED her happy bunnies!
Since *I* actually eat my food, I packed mine in a full-sized lunchbox! I chose an EasyLunchBox, since they're really the best for a Mommy-sized lunch! Especially if I'm eating in the car!
My lunch: apples, carrots w/tomatoes,
onion bagel w/cream cheese, other half of cheddar slice
She enjoyed her smiling bunnies, and played around with the mouth sprinkles to make them happy and sad, but ended up only taking a nibble off one of them. She ate all the cheese flowers, but they were technically less than half a slice of cheese, total. I think she may have eaten a grape or carrot, but I can't recall. I remember telling my husband she had only eaten half a slice of cheese for lunch that day. Again a surprise, since she hadn't eaten much at breakfast, and she should have worked up an appetite at swim class that morning.

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