Tuesday, October 4, 2011

They Called It "Puppy Lunch"...

[The title is a reference to an old, old song by Donny Osmond.]

Puppy Lunch
Top (her lunch): PBH puppy, string cheese nibblets, mac-n-cheese,
carrot flowers w/broccoli, black grapes
Bottom (my lunch): Onion bagel w/cream cheese, carrots/tomatoes/broccoli, grapes
I was kind of in a hurry, but I had enough time to make her peanut-butter-honey sandwich cute that morning. Since I still had my baggie of cats-and-dogs cutters out, I grabbed  this puppy cutter (from a super cheap set either at Target or Joann's in their dollar-ish section. It was either $1 or $2.50 for this set of cheap plastic dog/fish/flower cutters.) I used blue sugar eyes for the eyes, and since they're all stored in the same place, I saw that the sugar lips would look great as a nose! I glued them on with PB.
She had asked for some mac-n-cheese too, and we had some left-over in the fridge. If you look closely, you can see the green plastic bento fork laying along the bottom of the large compartment. I used silicone liners (green ones from World Market, I think. Pink from a Wilton set) since I don't like using paper ones with moist ingredients.
She picked out the black grapes from our last grocery trip, and I had kinda forgotten about them. They were not going to last much longer, so I put them in my lunch too, even though I prefer apples w/PB.
Despite having eaten very little breakfast, and having gotten a good workout at swim class before lunch, she hardly ate any of her lunch. Not even when I brought it back out after preschool. (Although I hear she ate something at snack, so maybe she filled up then.) She didn't really eat much from her lunches that whole week, until her Octo-bento! But she did LOVE the puppy sandwich. Although she only ate maybe half.

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