Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Orchard Bento

Our first school field trip was to an apple orchard. Sadly, the orchard they usually go to had no ripe apples, so they found an organic farm/orchard in Tacoma called Terry's Berries. Also without apples for us to pick, apparently. It was still a super-fun farm trip. But I would have gone with more of a farm-theme, had I known!

Top (Z's lunch): apples, Apple Straws, green beans,
apple PBJ and PBH, Baby Bell cheese
Bottom (my lunch): apples w/crunchy PB, carrots w/hummus,
Everything bagel w/cream cheese
For both our lunches, I used leftover organic apple slices we had bought from Costco for our turn at Soccer snack the previous Saturday. I added some hummus to my carrots since I was reaching for the Ranch and remembered an article I had read somewhere about using hummus instead, since it's healthier and has more nutrients. *sigh* Not as yummy though!

For her lunch I broke out the bag of Apple Straws (same makers as Veggie Straws) that I had bought on a whim during my last grocery trip. They are kind of like chips, and super yummy. 
I used an apple cutter from a Wilton set for her sandwich (PB and apple butter! Home-made by a friend of ours who is a master-jammer!) The other half of the bread was used to make a regular PB-honey sandwich. 
I used a mini apple cutter to cut out some of the wax from the Baby Bell cheese. And since it came out clean, I placed the wax apple cut-out on the beans, for visual effect.

At the farm, the kids got to ride in a tractor-pulled hay wagon to the far end of the farm. (The mommies and teachers had to walk. In the mud. SO glad I brought my boots!)
The lady doing the tour (turquoise jacket) did a really great job. She'd take them to an area with stuff planted, then ask them questions to see if they could guess what was growing there. Our first crop was potatoes.
The farmer used a pitchfork to loosen the soil, then each child got to harvest 3 potatoes!
After a walk back along the (muddy) path, the next crop was carrots! Teeeeeeny tiny carrots. Each child was invited to pick 3, although apparently my child stole an extra 2.
In addition to apple and plum trees, potatoes, carrots, raspberries, assorted lettuces and herbs and assorted other foods, this farm also has chickens (and farm-fresh eggs!) The guides carried baskets of bread scraps and lettuce for the kids to feed the various animals.
They also had a pen of turkeys, another with goats, and yet another with ducks!
"Heeere turkey! I have some yummy leafs for you!"
They had big bins of already-picked apples out in front of their store, so each kid got to choose 3 apples to add to their stash too!
Bento Lunch  

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  1. LOVE all these ideas that you have on here for packed lunches. We tend to be on the go, and to make healthier choices (most days) try and pack lunches, rather than hit the junk food spots on the roadsides.
    We used to live up North and go apple picking this time of year, but down in FL, no such luck. Enjoy your Fall :)

  2. We TOTALLY eat better on the days I pack lunches. In fact, if I don't pack myself a lunch when I do hers, I end up getting McD's when she's not looking.

  3. never thought to use a cutter to cut the shell of the baby bell cheeses. great idea. come visit me at I am a fellow bento mommy

  4. She's so cute! And I love the lunch with the special touches. :) Just stopping by from the Show us your town blog hop.
    -Robyn from

  5. Thanks for participating in Bento of the Week! We went to the apple orchard with our house guests today and it was so crowded that you couldn't do much of anything. We just sat and watched the kids play on the playground and enjoyed the beautiful day! Now it's time to start thinking of this week's lunches!! I look forward to working with you!

  6. I love the fact that they offer farm tours. What an awesome way to show kids where the food they eat comes from! And the Babybel cheese idea is a good one. Thanks for the post!


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