Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Gratitude Project - 2011

For the last few years on Facebook people posted every day in November one thing (or more!) that they were grateful for. I did this last year, and re-reading it has been a real treat. So I'm going to try and do this again, and then add each day's post here and on Twitter. (You can wait until the end to read it all, or follow me on FB and/or Twitter, or check back on this post periodically!)
I totally forgot about doing this earlier, so I'm starting today!
(Sporting her post-Halloween clearance Dorothy wig)
11/6/11 - Today I am thankful that my husband loves me enough to do the laundry now that I can't waddle the baskets up and down the stairs.

11/7/11 - Today I am thankful that my friend Carson reminded me about my Kids Cooking Class tomorrow... I thought it was next week! Doh! I am also thankful that my husband was willing to run to the store and buy some last-minute ingredients for me!

11/8/11 - Today I am thankful that my daughter likes me the best, even when she calls me a bad mommy.

11/9/11 - Today I am thankful that my husband came with us to Disney on Ice. Apparently my intolerance for kiddie plays extends to normally-awesome ice skating shows as well. It must be the hormones. Plus he was able to carry her the 4 blocks back to my car. Scoooore!

11/10/11 - Today I am thankful that my daughter has halfway decent nail polishing skeelz. And by 'halfway decent,' I mean that the polish is mostly contained to my actual nails.

11/11/11 - Today I am thankful for all the men and women (and their families) who serve and who have served in the US Armed Forces. Thank you for risking your lives in support of our country. Love You Willie and Chris. Thanks Gampa Turt, Gampa Boose and my Grandpa (dec.)

11/12/11 - Today I am thankful that I finished my "Z - Age 1" photobook before the Buy 1, Get 2 Free deal expired! Wooot!

11/13/11 - Ooops. Forgot to post something that day! So, yesterday I was thankful that my husband and daughter were real troopers at the 4-hour Magical Night of Giving shop-a-thon at the Supermall. Got a TON of stuff, and some great deals... but virtually none of my holiday shopping list got marked off. Doh!

11/14/11 - Today I am thankful that it was the last day of Barefoot Enrichment class for this series. Not that she doesn't love it, or that I hate it. But it's been exhausting schlepping out for a 40-minute drive every Monday morning, after getting up early to pack a lunch, often having to wake her up and get her dressed in a hurry with no time for breakfast before hopping in the car. We have preschool an hour after, so no time to stop for fast food, even (since it takes time to coax her out after class, then walk back to the car and get in and such.) And then swim class an hour after preschool, so that packed lunch is often her breakfast, lunch, AND afternoon snack!

11/15/11 - Today I am thankful that my daughter is such a hoot! And she's not even TRYING! From pulling down my shirt collar at the DMV and announcing loudly that she likes to drink my boobies [back when she was still nursing at night,] to telling the guy on the phone that Mommy's pooping, not many days go by without me getting a good belly laugh at my own expense.

11/16/11 - Today I am thankful that I love my child. Because today was one of those days.
Today I am also thankful that my husband will pause his new video game and go get me ice water (with ice in it, please) because he loves me so much and it's hard for me to scale the baby gate in the hall with my short legs and newfound lack of agility.... please?

11/17/11 - Today I am thankful that when she picked my pocket (after I fell asleep while we were reading together on the bed this afternoon) to get my iPhone and use it to watch her 'shows' (free kiddie shows downloaded from iTunes) she put my debit and credit cards back into my pocket! And squared them up neatly!

11/18/11 - Today I am grateful that the OB's office I had to switch to (from the midwives) FINALLY CALLED ME BACK after 2 weeks of leaving messages. Not so grateful that it was her nurse, who had no idea why I had called, so she wasn't prepared, and she called AFTER the doctor had gone home, and AFTER Labor and Delivery scheduling was closed FOR THE WEEKEND. But now I might actually know my Monday or Tuesday what the plan is. Since the earliest she could even see me is still THREE WEEKS AWAY. But I'm grateful that I have a rough idea of maybe what the plan is. Gah!

11/19/11 - Today I am thankful that my husband not only agreed to see the movie "The Help" with me, but he also found it playing at a different theater when I didn't get home in time for us to see it at the $2 theater (a second-run theater.) AND he paid over $20 for the tickets at the other place! PLUS another $20+ for concessions (Mama needed some Raisinettes. And an ICEE.) 

11/20/11 - [forgot to post yesterday!] Yesterday I am grateful for the gift of song. My little girl spent all day singing and making up songs. About everything. And she'd even work to make them rhyme, even though they mostly didn't make any sense. It was a real treat!

11/21/11 - Today I am thankful for Santa Al! I totally forgot to see if he was available back in October when my MOMS Club calendar planner was putting together the December events calendar! So here I am, faced with a finalized event date and booked venue, hoping that Santa Al would be available to come for our annual holiday potluck brunch! And he IS! How perfect is that!? Best. Santa. EVAR!
11/22/11 - Today I am thankful that I was able to go to Z's Fall Feast party at preschool (her drop-off one.) It was SO stinkin' cute, and they sang four songs for us, with their little paper vests and hats. I could barely hold the camera straight. The cuteness was almost too much for me! And one voice DEFINITELY shouted rang above all the rest! Worth waddling around in the torrential downpour to see!
11/23/11 - Today I was going to be thankful for my husband taking a half-day so that Z didn't have to miss the Children's Theater play I had bought tickets for, so I could go to my OB appointment. But he decided her just-woke-up cough was too bad and didn't go. But he is her parent too, and I support his right to make parenting decisions, and I support the ones he makes. Even if they're wrong. Anyway, so today I am thankful for my prenatal-massage therapist. Too bad I don't get to see her again until next week Thursday. My back hurts so bad, I can't even sit and veg at the computer! ARRGH!

11/24/11 - Today I am thankful for my friends and family: You bring me joy, you bring me pain. You drive me crazy, but keep me sane. I dread events and gatherings, but then I go and have a ball! I love you all so much, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

11/25/11 - Today I am thankful for Second Thanksgiving! It's something my family started doing a few years ago, when one of my sisters was out of town on Thanksgiving Day. But since it's her favorite holiday, she had us all get together the next day. It was heaven! No racing between families. No 90+ minute drive from my sister's to his grandparents'. No slaving away trying to make dishes for two families the night before. No turning down food since you were already stuffed from the OTHER family's house, or to leave room for more at the NEXT. Two great families. Two great meals. Two days, where we can focus on the ones we're with, instead of watching the clock.

11/26/11 - (Didn't get home before the 27th, so didn't get a chance to post.) Yesterday I am thankful that Albertson's was still open, so that we could go in at almost midnight to buy the stupid stuffed bear she had spent the hour+ drive back from Auntie Keesee's house crying about wanting. Just to find out that we had to buy 4 greeting cards to get it (for free.) Gah. She had better LOVE that stinkin' bear FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!

11/27/11 - Today I am thankful for nifedipine. Even though it gives me mild headaches sometimes, it's preventing the contractions, which might actually keep baby in until we're ready for her. Plus they were pretty painful, even if they were just Braxton-Hicks. Not a fan of the 'every 6 hours' part, which usually involves having to wake up 1 or 2 times in the middle of the night to take my dose.

11/28/11 - Today I am thankful that we found our missing cat... even though we didn't realize he was missing until almost 4 days after he escaped! (Someone [not me!] left the back door open on Thursday, which is when he must have escaped. Sunday night, my husband realized we hadn't seen him all weekend...) I am also thankful that we found a home for our other poor, sweet, picked-on cat. Maybe with one fewer, we can actually keep track of who's in the house and who's been missing all holiday weekend...

11/29/11 - Today I am thankful for my family. The ones I got stuck with at birth, the ones I married into, and the ones who are technically only family in my heart. You're there when I need you most. You accept me as I am. And, quite frankly, if you love my kid even HALF as much as it seems, you've won me over forever! Plus soon she'll be old enough for sleepovers... Be afraid...

11/30/11 - Today I am thankful for my husband, and all the support and insight he gives. I love you one Cheerio. But I am most thankful for my Little Miracles. The one I've gotten to meet and watch grow, and the one still trying to burrow her way out via my rib cage. It has been an amazing journey, and one that I continue to treasure each day (even the days I want to pitch one out the window and dig the other out with a spoon!)

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