Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WFLW - Floral Arrangements

I can't remember what I had brainstormed Monday night for Tuesday's after-gym lunch. But I stayed up too late, and had to force myself to get up at all on Tuesday, and ended up having only 30 minutes to get a lunch ready and get a munchkin dressed. So I kept it simple(ish.)

Her Lunch:
Cheese nibblets, PBHoney sandwich flowers, carrot flowers with broccoli,
strawberry flowers with black- and raspberries
I chose a small box with animals on top from Daiso ($3!) since I didn't need a ton of room for this lunch. I used a small flower veggie cutter on a carrot and some strawberries, and filled each space with broccoli and berries, respectively.
I decided to use long pretzel sticks as "stems" for the sandwich flowers, much like my Pinkalicious "wand" sandwich. Sandwich pops! I love these sandwich press cutters!

My Lunch:
PBHoney bunnies, cheese nibblets and cubes, Snappea Crisps, strawberry scraps, carrot scraps
For mine I chose a box with bunnies on the lid ($6, I think, from Daiso,) to go with my bunny sandwiches and Year of the Rabbit (my zodiac sign too!) To use up the rest of the two slices of bread, I made some bunny head sandwiches from the same cutter set as the flower.

 She went for the sandwiches first, and gobbled them all down. And then went for mine. She ate more broccoli than carrot, but overall fairly little of either. I don't think she touched the fruit, but she may have when I gave her that level of her box in the car on the way, since she claimed to be famished, and I didn't want her all starving and cranky and whining all through gym class.
She ate all her cheese and most of my cheese nibblets. Then she discovered a plastic knife I had with our lunch stuff from a previous McD Cinnamelts purchase something healthy, and used it to cut up the rest of my cheese before graciously offering to let me eat them. Thanks.

3/30/11 - I can't even remember what I made this lunch up for, but I know we ran errands that day, so maybe I was just being an awesome mom for once and planned ahead.
White chocolate chips, PBHoney sandwich,
carrots and broccoli, Ranch,
strawberries, cheese nibblets
In my purple Sistema box (from Old Navy): I dug out my tote of sandwich shapers and Z chose the fairy princess one, so I went with a sort-of star theme with the cups. [I got the mini yellow one from Kitchen Collection and the blue one on eBay imported from China.] I used a Tupperware Smidget to house the Ranch dip.
Bento Lunch



  1. You have such a sense of humor in your writing! It's fun to read! I like your little flower sandwiches-so cute!

  2. Oh my, I had never heard of snappea crisps before but now I crave 'em! LOL Nice looking bentos.

  3. Having nice thoughts to serve healthier indeed made a happier kid! :)


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