Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tried-It-Tuesday - Blowing Raspberries

**Oops. Wrote this all up and then was going to post it from my sister's house on Monday night. D'oh!**

This week I got to finally start my new medications (after about a month of delays due to minor unforeseen circumstances.)
I went to my sister's house and spent the night and watched her kids, all with her out of town, for the first time.  Unka Rop was still there, but it's just not the same. He cleans and acts all awkward and does stuff to make my life easier, whereas she mostly hides out in her room studying while I continue to yell at amuse the kids after she gets home from her internship each day. Not that I mind. As long as I get fed, it's all good. I get tired of leftover butter sandwiches pretty quickly.
We visited an almost-100-year-old building this weekend for a party to celebrate my husband's Great-Aunt's *cough*etieth birthday, and went up a hand-operated elevator for the first time. Apparently the building has the most still-working hand-operated elevators anywhere in the US. And it was my first time in a posh elevator that had someone there to run it for you, even though he had to do a little more than just press the button for your floor and collect a tip. There were levers and such. And he had to manually open and close the doors.
And we planted some raspberry bushes (or starts or canes, or whatever they're called) that my sister yanked out of her garden for me.
Watering one of the raspberry plants... from the top.

What did you do this week? Link up or leave a comment about anything new you did, tried, ate, cooked, etc!

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