Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day at the Park - A Photo Documentary by Little Z

Today the sun peeked out for a bit, so I suggested a walk to the park near our house. Well, I walked. She rode her push-trike. I packed a bag of Pirate Booty, her water bottle, my book, a towel (in case the slide was wet,) her purse with various treasures inside (a mini stuffed bunny, some pebbles, and apparently a magnetic letter 6,) and a diaper and wipes (because you always think you'll be fine without them and then need them the most!) We didn't end up needing the towel.

The clouds kept blocking the sun, so we'd go from pleasantly warm to kind of chilly, then back again. So I wore my sweater and jacket and gloves, and she kept having me take hers on and off.

The Playground

Close-up of her purse and my jeans
Close-up of her purse and skirt
She fished this number 6 magnet out of her purse and wanted to take a picture of it.

Close-up of Tiny White Bunny and one of my rubber mom club bracelets

 Journey to the Center of the Pirate's Booty
"Open it, Mommy!"
Almost there....
Dandylion Fields

 Mommy Reading
I really like this one, since my mannish jaw and forehead aren't in it, and I like how my fingers are touching my hair. I do that a lot. I play with locks of hair. And I'm reading.
Plus it shows my sister that I'm using the gloves she gave me for Christmas!
It captures the essence of me. Twiddling hair, always too-cold, reading!
{Plus I apparently sucked in my belly at just the right moment. The extra 10 McPounds I've gained since Thanksgiving weren't looking their finest this day.}
Mommy's book

I will link this post up with little love's Little Clicks this Friday... if I remember! o.O

In case you're curious, I was reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin, book 2 of A Song of Ice and Fire series. Book 1, A Game of Thrones is currently a series on HBO. Very good so far, although a little too much gratuitous gore and sexin's for my tastes. It's hard scheduling a time to watch it when the Princess is asleep. And I get tired of sugar-coating everything she happens to see. (Her kiddie show is on a portable DVD player in front of her mini couch.)
And just so you don't think I'm a fair-weather fan, now that it's all "famous" and "mainstream," I read all 4 books ages ago. But he left them unresolved, and has taken a six year break from the series. His 5th (of hopefully 7) book is due out later this year, supposedly. About stinkin' time!

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  1. Hee hee - cute photos... I'm glad to see someone else's child is Extremely Imaginative where it comes to naming their furry toys - The Muffin has, among other things, "Smallest Giraffe", which is actually a slight misnomer because she also has "Very Tiny Giraffe" which is actually smaller than Smallest Giraffe. I did suggest "Geraldine". But no. Sigh.


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