Monday, April 18, 2011

Tried-It-Tuesday - Meh.

This week I haven't done much, other than blob around taking up space. And doing the bare minimum to make sure my child is amused and taken care of. Spongebob has been a good friend this week. (Even though I'd prefer Kai-Lan or Dora or Elmo or something.)

Well... I guess that's not entirely true. One day after one of my doctor's appointments, we tooled around Ikea to have lunch and then played with their toys on their furniture (since she's too young for the drop-off play area, and the little touch-screen thing in the food court only holds her attention for about 5 minutes.) Golly. We were there for hours.

And on Friday, we went to a new little preschool/daycare place that lets you do drop-ins, and met up with a mommy group and had fun. I even stepped out (to the front lobby) to make let her eat lunch with the other kids and mommies at the end. She wasn't a fan, but didn't totally freak out either. My favorite part was when she started tracing her fingers and then turned them into birds. All her own idea!

"Look Mama! It's a birdie!"

Did you try anything new this week? A recipe? A new restaurant? Craft? Project? Link up or leave a comment!

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