Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools MTM - a Photo Documentary, by Little Z

I can't remember whether I had set the camera down while still on, or whether she grabbed it and turned it on (she knows how,) but she was excited to take pictures of her beautiful lunch "just like Mommy." She knows all too well that she needs to wait until all my pictures are done before she gets to eat.
We hadn't gotten very far at this point though. Just the "cupcakes," I think. I may have been working on the "donuts" on the other counter at the time.

 "I'm tay-kin pik-churs auf my bee-yoo-di-fuh nunch, Mommy!"

Close up: Junk Mail. Oh, no wait. That's our new recycling info.
"Choc-a-lyit Fossting"


  1. Love this! Audrey has never tried to take a picture but Mo always does. She broke the lens cap off by pulling the tripod over. I've been nervous every since.

  2. I read in a parenting book (Baby Whisperer, I think) that by letting them touch your fragile/out-of-reach/special stuff WHILE SUPERVISED, that they don't try (as much) to do it when you're not looking. So she knows I'll let her "play with" my $200 unicorn statue, or my Russian nesting doll from childhood, or my camera, but she's learned to be gentle, be careful, and to LISTEN. She knows I'll take it away if I can't trust her. So she works at being trustworthy. Is it a perfect method? No. She's (almost) 3. She has the attention span of a gnat when I need her to focus. But as long as I'm prepared to be patient, and pick it up/collect it from her when she moves on, it works fine. And I accept the risk that it might get damaged. She's more important to me than any object. But I let her know why something is special to me, and that I'd be sad if it broke. And I don't lose my cool when she does break something. (So far, just a Christmas ornament. And a mini fairy doll I didn't care about.)

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