Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Checking Out the "Competition" - Lunches Fit for a Kid

Astrid at Lunches Fit for a Kid makes bento snacks and meals for her two kids, The Boy and The Girl. She is also super fun and funny... kinda like me, only less lazy. And she cooks!

Another bento-er whose ideas are easy to do for the average mom (or dad!) she doesn't feel the need to make them all kawaii (bento code for "frickin' adorable")... so she probably has more time to do other stuff... like, say, cook! And, like me, she loves using her EasyLunchBoxes too!
Fall lunch
Although some of her bentos are a little more insane fancier. Check out the spiderweb pancakes and candy corn crackers in this lunch! Luckily, she also tells us how she made them!
Halloween bento
And check out this amazeballs Rainbow Bread (she has a fancy foreign name for it, but I don't speak foreign.) The pictures in the recipe post aren't as bright as this lunch. Yowza!
Rainbow Pain de Mie in a lunch
But she makes up for her "mere-mortal"-level bentos by making and posting a bunch of recipes. From actual ingredients! I really like her Seuss-themed 'Edible Ooblek' and Roald Dahl-themed dinner (Little Z saw this over my shoulder and demanded 'blobby noodle soup!')
Making "Slobbages"
Check out Astrid and her fantastic recipes [and her apparently offensively crusty stovetop... (wink wink, Astrid!) Not that *I'm* complaining. Compared to mine, hers is clean enough to eat off of!] at Lunches Fit for a Kid and you can also find her on Facebook!


  1. Me too! But I call it "Rainbow Pain in the A$$"

  2. hahaha great post!!

    i love the "stain de mie" ;) too!

  3. Finally, I am making time to read and like your blog. Funny and have lots of ideas :)

  4. I love reading your "checking out the competition" posts. They make me laugh.

  5. Have you ever tried the Planetbox or any of the other lunchboxes?


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