Friday, January 27, 2012

Make Mine Music

A mom from one of my mom clubs was hosting a music class playdate, and then we had preschool after. So we'd need lunches to eat in between. I chose to go with a music theme! In our EasyLunchboxes, of course!

Make Mine Music
Crackers w/pistachios, assorted cheeses, PBHoney notes,
apples, yellow and orange carrot chunks
She's been loving the Special K crackers, and I chose the Savory Herb flavor to jazz things up. (Get it? Jazz?) I tossed in some pistachios as a treat too. She's been a fiend for them lately. In a Wilton square silicone muffin cup.

She didn't eat all her cheese shapes from the Tangram puzzle lunch the day before, so I shoveled the leftovers in behind a silicone music note baran divider. And added some music note picks (you can find the baran and the picks at Use code BITINGMYHAND for 5% off!) Sadly, I wasn't paying attention when snapping the pics, so you can't really see them.

I'm still not ready to try my hand at a checkerboard apple, but I played with my C-shaped blade and made stripes! I'm all out of apple juice, so I sloshed them in lemon juice instead. Apple is SO much better!

I got the carrot chunks in a frozen veggie bag from Trader Joes. I made lunch the night before, and put them in frozen. They were thawed in the fridge in the morning. It was her first time with 'soft carrots' and yellow carrots. But I was hoping she'd like the novelty.

She ate all the crackers, but surprisingly, not the nuts. It's unclear whether she ate any of the cheese. She definitely played with them a little. She did not like the carrots, so she traded me for all the spinach I had with the least amount of Ranch on them. She ate one of the sandwich notes. I ended up eating all her apples. She's got a little cold, which usually causes her to eat less. So not a shocker.

Baby E's Lunch (via Mama's milk):
My lunch: Nutella wraps, apple slices,
spinach leaves w/ Ranch, almonds and dried strawberries
Green fork from a set of kiddie travel utensils from Dollar Tree. And I would like to point out that Nutella on a pasty white flour tortilla tastes quite a lot like a chocolate donut. Omnomnom.


  1. I love your idea of soaking them in apple juice. I always that lemon juice made them taste funny.

  2. I LOVE reading your posts! There is so much creativity and love in your creations! Your kids are very lucky to have a mom like you!

    Also I have a few questions:
    Where did you get those cute music picks?
    And I wanted to order from (Thank you for sharing the link. They have awesome stuff), and tried to enter the coupon code you provided but unfortunately it doesn't work. It says that it expired. Can you help?
    I'm really sorry to bother you with that, and really appreciate it.


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