Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Bento Catch-Up - 2012

Wednesday 12/28/11 - This one really belongs in the December post, but I outsmarted myself. I had that post all ready and set to auto-publish at the end of the month before baby was born, figuring there was zero chance I could always update it later if I happened to make a fancy lunch. But look! My husband packed her a lunch! A bento! He argues that it's not a bento, since he didn't make it cutesy. I argue that it is, since it's in a box. Plus it amuses me that he's irritated to have used some of my 'lunch crap.' HA! Worth. Every. Penny!
1/2 PBHoney sandwich, Cheddar Bunnies w/pistachios, apples
Have no clue where we were going or why a lunch was packed... probably headed off to one of Baby E's doctor appointments. We had a bunch. Newborn checks. Follow-up weight checks. Tongue-tie specialist appointments. Etc.

Tuesday, 1/3/12 - Another Daddy-packed bento! I think we were headed to another of E's appointments before preschool, so packed a lunch to eat on the go.
Apples, Cheddar Bunnies w/pistachios, snap peas, 1/2 PBHoney

Wednesday, 1/11/12 - *sigh* Daddy was back at work already. So I had to make this one. We didn't have morning plans, but since I was actually making her a 'balanced' meal, it was easier to put it into an EasyLunchBox rather than get a bowl out for the cottage cheese and toss the rest onto a plate. Plus if she still wanted to nibble at it on the way to preschool, it would already be portable and ready to go!
Her lunch: 1/2 PBHoney, carrot sticks, clementine slices,
cottage cheese
I made a lunch for myself as well, but forgot to photograph it. I had a whole PBHoney sandwich, half an apple (sliced,) and broccoli (no Ranch. Boo.) I packed my lunch to eat at preschool, since we had Parent Ed that day, and I didn't want to miss it. Nor did I want to wait to eat until after school, or after swim class, if we were running late after school (which we were! Baby needed to eat first.)

Containers are all EasyLunchboxes. Spoon from IKEA.

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