Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is You... (And Some Stuff From Amazon )

 For Christmas this year, I was pretty much a non-contender. Not only was I preoccupied with my impending childbirth, but being pregnant apparently sapped any ability to make decisions right out of me. So I asked for gift cards or baby stuff for Christmas. Now I know that people advise against asking for stuff for your kids instead of for yourself, but in my case, I really LOVE getting stuff for my kid(s,) and so far have never felt left out or passed over when gifts for 'me' are really for one of them.
So along with a plethora of [chocolates? What chocolates? Urp.] cute baby toys and clothes (plus a new Boppy cover and a Moby Wrap - thanks Mom!) I got me $50 in Amazon gift cards! Boo yaw! Thank you for giving me the gift of shopping. In my pajamas!
And there's a sale on some Home and Kitchen items (and books) for Buy 3, Get the 4th Free. So I did a search in the Home and Kitchen section, narrowed down to Prime Eligible (for the free shipping at $25, or free 2-day shipping with Prime,) and again narrowed it to '4-for-3' promo as well. And then sifted through a bajillion pages of stuff! I got bored pretty quickly sifting through all those pots and pans, so I did separate searches for just 'cookie cutters,' 'cupcake,' 'Wilton,' and 'Fred' [a brand that makes super cute stuff, as you can see below!] with those parameters.
Here is what I got for me for Christmas!

Baby Cookie Cutter set ($6.91) For obvious reasons. I almost made a baby-themed lunch for Z to have at my mom's house the day we went to the hospital, but I realized I had absolutely nothing baby-themed in my gear. No cutters, no picks, no cupcake liners. Nada. So instead I let my sister feed her! Ha!

Fred Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter/Stamp ($7) I've seen cute little gingerbread men with frosting skeletons, but that's more piping skill than I possess. This will let me just 'color in the lines,' so to speak. Too fun!

Bat Bytes Sandwich Cutter ($6.69) (It's the only one they make that I don't have yet. All the others I found at Winco in single packs. So now I have a spare, if there's ever a bento or MTM swap... hint hint.)

Tea Party Cookie Cutter Set ($6.16, 4th item FREE)...
...to go with these super cute Fred silicone Teacup Cupcake molds. Squeee! ($13.19) Can not WAIT to do a Tea Party themed lunch now!

Farm Sandwich Molds ($9.93) For making ice cream sandwiches, but also works great with regular sandwiches - especially if you're making multi-layer stackers! Also works as an egg mold! I assume I could do rice in them too...

Fred Snack and Stack Utensils ($14.56) I totally want to get one of the Lego bento boxes from the Container Store! These will go PERFECTLY with it!

Wilton Flower Cups ($9.77 - 4th item FREE)

And even though they weren't part of the Buy 3, Get 4th Free promo, I had to get these...
Fred Nomskulls cupcake liners (How could I NOT own these?!) ($10.57)
and the Wilton Silly Critter Cups ($13.49.) Because they've been out of stock for a while, and I haven't found them anywhere else! I hear they fit perfectly flush to the lid inside an EasyLunchBox as well!

What, these add up to more than my $50 gift card, you say? Shhhh... Don't tell my husband! :)

*A note to the less experienced: If you get 8 eligible items, Amazon will make the two cheapest ones free, not the 4th and 8th cheapest ones. So I broke these into two separate orders, with the four most expensive items together, and the four cheaper items together. And I added on the non-sale items to get to the $25 minimum for free shipping.

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