Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Bunny Leftover Rice!

Some leftover organic brown rice and an extra hard-boiled egg - these lunches practically packed themselves! Haha! With the help of a few fun tools, anyway!

Funny Bunny
Leftover organic brown rice w/lime coconut oil; organic carrots, raspberries, apples; 1/2 organic HB egg
5/7/14 - For Z's lunch I used a silicone bunny cup to hold the rice, and some nori punches to make the face. (I just did quick snips with some kitchen shears for the whiskers. I was feeling lazy.)

Since bunnies love carrots (and I had a bunch in the fridge,) I added a leaf pick to a baby carrot to make it more carrot-y. And some raspberries in a silicone heart cup because I love my big little girl!

She'd been having a hard time at school with her behavior lately, so I included a Lunchbox Love note to remind her that I love her no matter what! I sent it in a plastic card sleeve so that it wouldn't get ruined - I can use them again and again!

The cloth napkin was included to be cute, but also to help keep the rice in place - I folded it up into fourths and packed it over the bunny cup to fill the space in between the cup and the lid.

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Leftover organic brown rice w/salt; organic carrots, raspberries, apples; 1/2 organic HB egg
The toddler doesn't love rice as much as her big sis, so I packed hers in a smaller silicone butterfly cup, Yum! Plus still fun and Spring-y!

Tools of the Trade
       Biting the Hand

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