Sunday, July 20, 2014

Packed Daytime and After-School Kindergarten Snacks!

This past school year I got pretty lax about packing a daily snack for Kindergarten. The AM teacher told me that most snacks the parents were sending were safe for Z, so I'd often just toss a small bag of PopChips or popcorn and a GoGoSqueeze into her snack bag to sub in as needed.
But Z had started asking why I wasn't packing snacks in boxes like I used to. Last year I packed a mini bento almost every day! Her behavior and tolerance to frustration were starting to fray about halfway through the school year, and as she started complaining more and more about my lack of effort for her snack, I realized that maybe she derived some emotional comfort from a packed snacks. So near the end of the year I mustered up and attempted to pack snacks more frequently.

Organic apples, kettle corn
4/22/14 - I could not for the life of me find a snack bento box and paired lid, so I settled for a Kinderville storage jar (with mismatched lid!) They're narrow but tall, so I was able to stack a flower muffin cup on top of some apple slices.

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Organic apples, Sunbutter sandwich "fingers"
4/30/14 - This snack was actually packed to follow Z's afternoon class. She hadn't been eating as much lunch as usual (due to getting distracted experiencing the sensory aspects of her food,) so tended to be ravenous after school. And E would eat if I had a snack that wasn't her own lunch leftovers! Plus I started getting other scavengers too, with friends of Z's coming over to eat our packed snacks!

Sweet Potato PopChips, organic blood orange
5/16/14 - I stock up on mini bags of chips when they go on awesome sale on Amazon, to have quick grab-and-go snacks, but also to bust open to parse out in packed snacks! The blood orange half was wishful thinking on my part. I foolishly told her the name once so she's scared of the "red oranges" now. The toddler happily ate it later!

Organic grapes, HappyTot cookies, Glutino pretzel sticks
5/27/14 - Extra "crunchies" packed in this one. I must have been feeling generous that day!

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