Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini-Sandwich PBJ Lollipops!

Cutting shapes with cookie cutters is a great way to keep the same-old sandwich from getting boring, but making little sandwich "lollipops" or wands is even more fun!

Big Sis Loves Lollies!
GF PBJ w/pretzel sticks; organic carrots, strawberries, grapes, GF chocolate cake, dairy-free Cocomel
Friday, 5/2/14 - I hadn't made sandwich lollipops in forever! I either didn't think of it, or didn't have any gluten-free pretzel sticks on hand when the idea would strike me. But I figured they'd be a hit, and I was right!

We had some leftover Wholesome Chow Chocolate Lavender Cake that I'd made for no particular reason (other than the girls found the mix and wanted to help make it and we had time...) So I used the same heart cutter from the sandwiches to make a little cake-y treat. And added a dairy-free Cocomel caramel in there too, just for fun. Normally I'm pretty stingy with those. I must have been in a good mood for "treat Friday!"

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Lollies for Little Sis
GF PBJ w/pretzel sticks; organic carrots, strawberries, grapes
Little Sis only got a few sandwich wands, mostly because she doesn't usually eat the bread, so I get tired of wasting it. I just make sure to really glob on the peanut butter so she gets in some calories! I don't think she's ever had these before, so it was a fun novelty for her. She did eat the pretzel sticks...

How-To Make Sandwich Lollipops
Making sandwich wands is quite easy. All you need is your sandwich fixings (use spreads versus meats and cheeses - you want something nice and sticky and gloopy!) mini cookie cutter(s,) and some pretzel sticks!
After cutting out an even number of mini shapes from your bread slices, slather on the spreads. It works best if you put something on each piece of bread. (If your cutter design isn't symmetrical, be sure you have your bread facing the right way before adding the filling! Wouldn't want to have it sticky-side-out!)

Once your spreads are on, just take a pretzel stick and press it firmly against one of your bread shapes. You want it at least halfway up the design for best support. (Shapes with holes cut out of the middle work but aren't ideal for this type of thing. If you have this kind, you'll want the pretzel stick to touch the top part of the design as well. Otherwise it will just poke around in the hole and much everything up.)

Then press the top slice on top, pressing firmly to get the pretzel stick nice and stuck! Ta-da! Sandwich lollipops!

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