Sunday, November 20, 2011

Water Bringer

So we're all downstairs in the TV room watching a show (on TiVo.) And since I'm lazy pregnant and easily exhausted by stairs, I asked my husband if he would please get me some ice water. A little voice stops singing and says "I'll go get it Mama!"
And off she pitter-patters up the stairs. I can hear her voice trailing off... "I'll go get a cup from my cupboard, and then..."
My husband and I look at each other, shrug, and un-pause our show.
What felt like ten, but was probably really only five, minutes go by and then we hear a call from above...
"Daaaaaaaahduh! DAAAAAAAAAD-UHHHH! Can you help me get some ice please?"
He pauses the show and heads up the stairs. A few minutes later, I am presented with a very proud little 3-and-a-(almost)-half-year-old holding a little blue plastic cup filled with ice and water!*

I will never go thirsty again!
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*No clue how she got the water; my husband says it was already in the cup when he got up there. I'm guessing the bathroom, since it didn't taste like kitchen water, and the faucet was drippy when we came back up for bath time. But who cares? It was adorable, and a little metallic-tasting deee-licious!


  1. We keep refilled water bottles in our refrigerator door and my 4yo can get his own that way now. (or get some for us)

  2. Our fridge is WAY too crowded for anything like that... but at least she can now turn the bathroom faucet on and off for hand-washing and water-getting!


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