Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Bento Catch-up

Tuesday, 11/8/11 - We had my Kids Cooking Class in the morning, followed by preschool.
Her lunch: string cheese nibblets, candy corn, PBHoney, more nibblets,
edamame pods, carrot flowers, apples
I threw this lunch together pretty quickly. Since my sandwich cutters are now handy and accessible due to my sister's awesome reorganization, I grabbed this one, just for fun. And since I had these cute little animal-head sandwiches, while digging through my tub of silicone cups to hold the cheese, I found my little animal head ones. So it looks totally cute and planned! Win!
The edamame beans started out frozen, but they thawed nicely by lunchtime.
My lunch: Onion bagel w/cream cheese, Ranch,
broccoli, apples w/PB
The yellow Tupperware Smidget with Ranch in it didn't fit sideways with the EasyLunchBox lid on, so I ended up cutting my bagel into quarters and eating one before we left. Omnomnom.

Gear: Animal face sandwich cutter, animal silicone bento cups, Tupperware Smidget, Easylunchboxes

Monday 11/14/11 - Last day of Barefoot Enrichment Fall Adventure Series classes, followed by preschool and then swim class.
Z's lunch: Ham and cheese heart pocket sandwich, ham and cheese rolls,
carrot, Apple Straws, apples
I just got the heart pocket-sandwich maker from Williams-Sonoma when we went trick-or-treating at the mall for Halloween. I initially went in to see if they had the Star Wars Vehicles cookie cutters, sandwich cutters, and pancake molds on sale for 50% off, like they were online. (They just had the two sets of cutters.) Since I would have bought it eventually anyway, I snagged the heart maker as well... and this way there'd be no shipping! The edges of the sammie are a little crookedy, since I chose to cut out each slice of bread separately first, added the filling, then tried to jam it back in to the mold to press.
I rolled the leftover cheese and another slice of ham together, and fastened them with animal forky picks.
The freaky-looking carrot is an organic one from our CSA share. Fun! I peeled most of it as best I could, since I wasn't able to get the dirt off as well as I would have liked.
My lunch: Onion bagel w/cream cheese, JoeJoe cookies,
radish and broccoli w/Ranch, apples w/PB
The radish was still good from my CSA share several weeks before, and I haven't had one in a while, so I tossed one in to see if I liked them. Eh. I'd eat 'em, but I don't particularly care for them.

Gear: Heart crustless sandwich press, cat and dog fork picks, green bunny fork pick, mini green silicone muffin cup (World Market, $2.99/12,) EasyLunchBoxes

Wednesday, 11/30/11 - After school snackerel.
At preschool snack she had wanted more cheese nibblets, but they were all gone, so I offered to get her more in between school and swim class. She wanted a 'long pull cheese' as well as 'little white cheese nibblets.'
String cheese, baby carrots, apples,
string cheese nibblets, pretzels
Since she wanted cheese nibblets too, I figured I'd slap together a quickie snack in a bento box, since I'd need something to put the nibblets in! She saved two baby carrots from her school snack, so I put them in as well. And I had two apple slices left over, so went ahead and tossed them in. I couldn't find the Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, so I put in some pretzels for variety... and to fill space.
The way she snarfed most of it down, you would have thought she'd had nothing to eat all day but half a PBHoney sandwich and some cheese, a baby carrot, and Pirate's Booty at preschool snack... Oh, no wait. That sounds right. Not one of my finer Mommy Moments.
She ate the entire 'long' cheese stick and most of the nibblets and pretzels. She gnawed on the carrots (she eats more if I cut them into flower coins, but I offered and she wanted them to stay as sticks) and didn't touch the apple slices (they were on their last legs, so she usually passes when they start feeling a little mushy.)

Gear: Hello Kitty bento box (Sanrio store at my local mall, $10ish,) red silicone muffin cups (World Market, $2.99/6)

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