Monday, November 7, 2011

'Pinkerbelle' Pinkalicious Lunch

On Sunday we went to see Pinkalicious the musical at Tacoma Children's Musical Theater. She did so well at  Harold and the Purple Crayon, so I was excited to take her to something else I knew she'd love. 
I've discovered that while I loved children's plays when I was a child, I have little tolerance for them as an adult. At least not while pregnant. Maybe without all these hormones turning me into a raging bitch making me less patient and a little crankier I'll feel differently. I still feel it's worth sitting through, for her. But I will start making sure I have something good to read on my iBooks app on my phone from now on!
Pinkalicious camouflaged by all the matching flowers
Naturally my child was the only girl there under the age of 9 with not a stitch of pink on her! Ah well. She chose to wear her blue Cinderella crown ($10, Disney store. Worst quality ever. Bought it on Halloween, the trim started coming off within a few days. Actually, we discovered the original one we bought was missing a gem when we got back to the car and my husband went in and exchanged it. Gah!) She also chose her off-white/red/navy sweater dress (GAP last year, on clearance plus I had a Groupon for $25 off a $50 purchase. Bought matching tights and a quilted jacket too) over a plethora of pink dress-up and fancy dress options!
She did end up schmearing pink frosting from one of the cupcakes they were selling at the concession stand ($2 each. Yummy, too!) on her sleeve though.
Making fun faces during intermission!
(My husband is not a total bum. He looks scruffy-faced because he shaved for
'Movember' to support prostate cancer fundraising and awareness.
He's growing his 'stache and goatee back in.)

Since we'd just gone to see the play (the day before,) I had been toying with the idea of a Pinkalicious lunch But since I hadn't made it the night before, I didn't really have the time to do much more than a themed sandwich before we had to leave in the morning. And I'd need pretzel sticks for (for the hair.) Which I didn't have. Ah well.
PBHoney w/ icing star, macadamia nuts w/almonds, string cheese
nibblets, carrot flowers w/broccoli, a
Pinkerbelle! - Since I couldn't do Pinkalicious, I was just going to slap out a quick and easy sandwich for Z and use one of my simple sandwich cutters, which, thanks to my sister coming over and cleaning my kitchen, are now more easily accessible. While digging through the tote of 'other' sandwich cutters, I thought that maybe I could use the fairy Lunch Punch cutter to make a Pinkalicious somehow (since she prances around with a crown and wand for part of the story.) The wings didn't quite fit the story though, so I didn't bother trying to make her pink. But since, when she turns pink in the story, she exclaims that she's "Pinkerbelle!" I could just name it that and call it good! I used blue jimmies stuck in endwise for the eyes, and a pink one for the mouth. The star 'wand' is from a Wilton Hannah Montana icing decoration set I got on clearance from Party City.

The Rest of the Story - I was going to use green beans, since Pinkalicious has to eat green foods to turn normal again, but they had gone bad. Since Z's not a huge fan of broccoli (the only other green food I could use in a hurry,) I made some carrot flowers to go with it, and there's a mini organic carrot from our last CSA share tucked underneath.
The apple slices are kind of pinkish, and we were out of raspberries.
I used a little pink silicone triangular bento cup to hold some macadamia nuts and almonds that she had asked for from the bulk section of the grocery store the last time we went. Mostly to fill space, and I thought she might actually eat them.
I used a flimsy rectangular silicone bento cup for the cheese nibblets, but it's orange, since my pink ones weren't the right size.
My Lunch
PBHoney, Halloween JoeJoe cookies, apples w/
PB, broccoli (Ranch in Smidget underneath.)
I ate everything. And yes, that's three JoeJoe cookies in there (Trader Joe version of Oreos.) I have the willpower of a mollusk. The only shocker here is that I didn't stuff a few more in my gob while I was making the lunches!

She could not have been more thrilled. She saw the 'candy star' and said that I was the best mommy ever. After months of hearing 'you are a bad mommy!' it was like music to my ears! (Whenever she'd say that, I'd offer to trade her for her cousin Tually, and she could live with Auntie Kayneen as a mommy instead. I'd tell her that I love her and wanted to stay with her, but that I loved her enough to let her have a better mommy. She'd always reply that she loved me best and wanted to stay with me. Even though I'm a bad mommy. *sigh*)
She was not a fan of the nuts, and screeched for a few minutes about how she didn't want them. And then popped a macadamia into her gob, first thing. Sheesh. Kids!
She ate the sugar star, all her apples, some carrot flowers, and some cheese between Barefoot Enrichment class and preschool. Then she ate her sandwich, and the rest of the carrots (and the little whole one) between school and swim class. She may have eaten a broccoli floret, or else she lost it somewhere.
She played with the little silicone cups, and gave them names, and brought them in to both preschool and swim class to show her teachers. What a nut!

Bedtime story was, of course, "Pinkalicious!"
I'm sure this story has more of a moral (something about how you can have 'too much of a good thing,') but my takeaway from it is the line "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." We use that one with Z a lot!

Both lunches packed in EasyLunchboxes.

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  1. A cute lunch. IFeel the same about childrens theatre, I find myself looking at my watch far too often.

  2. my daughter loves Pinkalicious too - super cute :)
    we say that one to her a lot too "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!" LOL

  3. I really love your lunch! The story that goes along with it was such fun to read.

  4. Oh so cute! I have a 3 year old who is big Pinkalicious fan & she would love this! Thanks for linking up to TGIF!
    Beth =-)

  5. Did I know you were from WA too? I live close to Portland, but that would have been almost worth the drive to see Pinkalcious. My daughter is 7 and it is still one of her favorite stories. Love the sandwich. Adorable.

  6. Super cute! That's my girl's favorite lunch punch. I haven't used it lately though. Bad mommy that I am. lol


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