Friday, September 4, 2015

Snuggle #ShareABear for National Teddy Bear Day!

One of the few toys I still have from my childhood is a teddy bear given to me by my great-grandma Ruth before I can even remember anything. My Grandma Virginia (who lived with us) named him "Cry-Bear" because I would snuggle him whenever I was sad or upset. My dad called him "Rumba-Tumba" and used him to act out a bedtime story he had made up about a bear that couldn't fall asleep. Both names stuck, and now I share him with my girls, and tell them the stories of his names and why he is special to me. His fur is no longer soft or fluffy, he has ratty edges and missing stitches. He's dingy and stained... and yet other than my children, that bear is the one thing I would save in a fire. (My husband can save his own self!)

September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day, making "SeptemBEAR" a very special month for Snuggle and the Snuggle Bear mascot! This year, Snuggle is launching a special #ShareABear campaign on National Teddy Bear Day to help make the world a softer place - one teddy bear at a time.

Do you remember your first teddy bear? Maybe you still even have your teddy bear from when you were young, like I do. Teddy Bears provide people with rare companionships that very few things can match. Teddies are best friends, guardians, cuddle-buddies, secret keepers, and anything else you would like them to be. Snuggle believes that everyone should be able to experience this companionship, no matter what!

Snuggle provided me with several bears to give away, and I couldn't NOT choose my girls! Literally. They saw me open the box and instantly fell in love. They threatened to find a new mommy, since clearly I no longer loved them when I suggested we give the bears away to other kids...

I am proud to participate in raising awareness for this campaign. While my kids certainly have no shortage of stuffed lovies, because of our dietary restrictions, they do know what it is like to feel excluded and to watch from the sidelines as other kids get basic treats or privileges that are denied to them. I love supporting causes that help kids feel special and "normal" by providing simple joys that most of us take for granted.

#ShareABear is a movement to show the world that something as small as gifting a teddy bear can brighten one’s day! On September 9th, Snuggle will be launching its #ShareABear campaign video where Snuggle Bear will be making the world a softer place by personally donating 5,000 teddy bears to children in need. 

Help us raise awareness by sharing your own memories, photos or videos with a special Teddy Bear in your life using the hashtag #ShareABear. Learn more and join the movement at

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  1. Oh how lovely!!! I had many teddies as a child but my first teddy bear didn't arrive until I was 18 years old - and that year I got about 5 of them! Ha!


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