Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disney's Frozen Hot Lunches!

Since I was sending some dinner leftovers for lunch, I figured I'd make them fun by going with a simple Disney's Frozen theme, which is always a big hit with my own little "Anna" and "Elsa!"

Lunch for my Elsa
Organic PB with snowflake sprinkles, organic apples, dairy-free chocolate (in Olaf container,)
GF toasts with DF butter, leftover steak and green beans
The whole theme started with the Frozen fork, when I went hunting for a kiddie fork to fit in the Omiebox for my 7-year-old, Z. The rest kind of fell into place! Helps that I organize my bento supplies by theme, so all my "winter" cutters and picks and such were together! 

I chose the Omiebox because it makes it easy to pack hot stuff in the insulated compartment, and cold or room temp everywhere else, without needing to send multiple containers. However, the vacuum seal is too difficult for either of my girls to open without a lot of hassle, so I have to send it cracked open. Luckily it packs flat in our Arctic Zone Ultra lunch bags, and I'm in charge of carrying lunches to the classrooms most of the time, so no worries about spills. The insulated container is water-tight and the lid helps make that part easier to open though! 

I tried making cool imprinted bread using a snowflake ice cream sandwich cutter and press, but the design didn't show, So I used the small cutter from a snowflake cutter set to look more snowflake-y. Since they were too small to drop in the toaster, and since I was toasting up all the scraps for some "cinnamon toast sticks" for myself, I broiled them in the oven for a few minutes on each side. Which is why all her little tips are sort of burnt!

Since Z is in a phase where she hates all other fruits and will only eat apples if she has peanut butter for dipping, I packed her some peanut butter! I added several natural snowflake sprinkles on top for fun, and tucked a snowflake cupcake pick in with her apples. (She won't eat her apple slice if it's been skewered by a pick!) 

I tucked a dairy-free chocolate snowman left over from last Christmas in an Olaf treat container (I find most of my dye-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free candies through Natural Candy Store and Vegan Essentials!)

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Lunch for my Little Anna
DF chocolate, organic strawberries, "fairy bread" snowflakes, leftover steak and green beans
My preschooler got an almost identical lunch, except that I only have the one Omiebox. So she got her "cold" foods sent in a Frozen snack box with utensils (the fork is in a compartment in the lid,) and her hot leftovers in a Frozen Funtainer jar.

Since Z isn't into strawberries right now, and I needed to use them up before they went bad, strawberries it is! With a snowflake pick, of course!

E prefers "butter bread" over toast, so I didn't toast her bread snowflakes. Instead, I added some natural blue sugar sprinkles (but the color dissolved off by morning) and snowflake quins to make fairy bread!

Both girls ate every. single. morsel! Mama win!

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