Monday, September 28, 2015

Planetbox Pods - We are GO for Lunch!

Planetbox just released a new line of Pods - reusable silicone cups sized perfectly for their stainless steel boxes! They kindly sent me the 4-pack sized for the Rover, but you can also get a 2-pack of Pods designed to fit the Shuttle and the Launch boxes.

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Organic popcorn, organic raspberries and grapes, Naturebox Blueberry Bite, PBJ Funagrette dressing, organic carrots, 
uncured ham, GF crackers, goat cheese
The Planetbox Pods cups are a little small, and don't create a water-tight seal with the lid, so they might not be perfect in every lunch, but they're a great set of "tools" to have on hand to add flexibility to your Planetbox packing choices! Since I would be carrying my 3-year-old's lunch into her classroom and could carry it flat, I went ahead and packed some dressing to dip her carrots, even though I knew it would leak if carried sideways (which the leftovers did, when she thoughtfully carried her lunch out of the classroom for me. Oh well!)

I had a mini heart cutter perfect for cutting goat cheese hearts to go on her crackers. They fit in the square Pods perfectly! Since my ham slices were so thin, I opted to rolls them up instead of cutting into hearts. But they also fit nicely into the square Pod!

Organic plum with strawberries, goat cheese stick, dye-free candy-covered sunflower seeds,
peanut butter, purple rice crackers, roasted kale chips
Just because you have four Pods doesn't mean you have to use them all at once! Even just one for holding some peanut butter for DIY PB Cracker Stackers is a perfect "fit" in any lunch!

This lunch was a fun lot of random stuff. Some leftover roasted kale, a homemade cheese stick made from goat cheese, half a plum left over from dinner, the last strawberry, and peanut butter and crackers! Lots of fun yummy goodies!

Tools of the Trade

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