Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Preschool Princess

My 3-year-old is finally old enough for "real" preschool this year, and will be attending the same school as her Big Sis, as they have students ages 3 through 9th Grade. Over the Summer, they offer full-day summer camps for ages 4 and up, but allow new incoming 3-year-olds for the last two weeks. So I signed E up for both weeks to learn the ropes!
The night before her first day of "school," I let her browse through my bento cupboard to choose which container she'd like her lunch packed in, and she chose the limited edition Yumbox Panino in Tiffany Blue. She practiced opening and closing it, so I knew she'd be successful on her own at school!
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Lunch Fit for a Little Princess!
PB-honey sandwich on GF bread with dye-free sprinkle accents, Naturebox Blueberry Almond Bite, kalamata olives;
organic carrots, green beans, grapes; blueberries, strawberries, blackberries from our backyard
Since I wanted her to go to school with confidence and excitement, I made sure to include her in a lot of the decisions I normally just make on my own for lunches, like the theme and food choices. E chose a princess-theme out of a few options I offered, and I let her choose which crown-shape cutter she'd like for her sandwich. My Australian bento friend at Loving Lunches sent me an amazing assortment of dye-free sprinkles from Down Under, so I used a some extra peanut butter to "glue" on a sprinkle star and some pearls to decorate the crown.

The Early Childhood classrooms at our school frown on treats in lunches and snacks, so instead of a small bit of candy, I sent a Naturebox Blueberry Almond Bite in a little Disney Princess Rapunzel treat container from Easter. (This doesn't mean that I won't ever send candy or sugary treats. Just that I'll try and limit it to Fridays, when is my traditional treat day, instead of Fridays-and-whenever-the-theme-makes-me-want-to-use-a-treat-box...!)

Since I had already included a little "treat" in the princess box, I scrounged around in my pantry and fridge to find something to put in the small treat compartment built in to all the Yumbox trays. I decided on olives, since they count as a "fat" rather than a vegetable, so are good to limit to small servings! And both my girls loooove them. Yay!

When the limited Tiffany Blue Yumbox was released, they offered a special set of gem stickers to decorate it, so I let E go to town decorating up her lunchbox while I got the food ready. They'll come off in the dishwasher, but should last through several hand-washings, at least!

Tools of the Trade

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