Thursday, September 11, 2014

Preschool Picnic at the Park

Little Sis and I go to a co-op preschool which runs mid-September until mid-May. At the end of their school year, they have an all-school picnic potluck. Since I can't be sure there would be safe options for us, I packed lunches! Nut-free, since a girl in our class has serious peanut and tree-nut allergies.

5/20/14 - E liked running around on the playground and climbing on the park equipment. It's been so fun watching her confidence and independence blossom!

{Nut-Free} PB Cracker Stackers for E
Organic apples, grapes, carrots; Glutino crackers and pretzel chips, Sunbutter
The toddler doesn't mind broken crackers, so she usually gets stuck with them. Gluten-free crackers and such don't hold up well during shipping... I gave her a little spoon to use to spread the Sunbutter on her crackers or just straight into her gob.

Leftovers for Mama
Hummus, organic sweet peppers, leftover veggie tart
I made this amazing spring veggie tart for dinner the night before and wrapped it in parchment paper overnight to try and prevent it from getting soggy. Worked! Nom!

Big Sis got her own PB Cracker Stackers lunch, but for some reason ate almost none of it at school that day. So the girls shared the rest as an after-school snack!

On our way out, they let us have one of the balloons from the picnic. I had one thrilled little girl!

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