Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Plant-Based Grown-Up Lunches!

Plant-based #vegetarian grown-up sized lunches in #easylunchboxes
I am "mostly vegetarian," and so obviously my lunches are too! Based on the number of times my "lunch date" steals my food, I'm guessing they're pretty tasty! (And I make sure to hide my treaties first, so I know she isn't stealing my food just to get at my candy!)

Organic kiwi, GF/DF "Thin Mint" cookies, DF Cocomels, organic salad (lettuce,
cabbage, carrot, chia and sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, hemp hearts, rosemary vinaigrette)
Wednesday, 5/7/14 - I didn't have time to use any of my fun veggie cutters, so when I was chopping carrot for my salad, I cut one into slabs to use with the cutters later, and then chopped up the bits that wouldn't be wide enough for cutters into matchsticks. Even though it isn't "fancy," I like how it turned out!

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Leftover stir fry, organic dried mango, peppermint-chocolate-covered coffee beans, organic salad (cabbage,
lettuce, purple broccoli, carrot, sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, dried cranberries, rosemary vinaigrette)
Thursday, 5/8/14 - Had time to make carrot shapes, so used a rabbit veggie cutter to make some snuggle bunnies. My salad is very cabbage-heavy because I had a whole tub of shredded cabbage needing to get used up. Blarg.
The dry stuff for my salad went into a Mini Dipper so they wouldn't get soggy.

My little munchkin had finished off her lunch, so started working on Mama's too! She can really pack away the salad when it's from someone else's meal! Hahaha!

Naturebox Masa Crisps, MOMables GF Apple Plum Cobbler, organic salad (cabbage, lettuce, purple broccoli, carrot, blueberries, sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, dried cranberries, rosemary vinaigrette)
Tuesday, 5/13/14 - I like how this salad vignette turned out, with the fish veggie cutter, little carrot shrimpies, and the blueberry "pebbles." I packed the salad add-ons in a Mini Dipper again, to keep them fresh and crunchy.

Organic apples, PB Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, organic salad (cabbage, lettuce, purple broccoli, carrot, radish,
sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, dried cranberries, rosemary vinaigrette)
Friday, 5/16/14 - I'm always a fan of apples dipped in Peanut Butter and Co's Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB - enough so that I order it by the case on Amazon! Yummmm!

I attempted to cut my radish into a flower. And my carrot birds wouldn't come out of the fancy bird vegetable cutter, so have toothpick marks where I had to jab them out. Fail! Oh well. Still tasted just fine, as you can see...

Some more vile lunch thievery. I was eating in bed this day for some reason... It was my birthday, so I was probably just relaxing and enjoying my day as best I could... Until someone came and ate my lunch!

Organic hummus, MOMables GF Apple Plum Cobbler, organic sweet peppers,
leftover veggie patty w/rosemary vinaigrette drizzle
Monday, 5/19/14 - More leftover Apple Plum Cobbler. Nom! And I had one veggie-quinoa burger patty left, so packed it for lunch! I don't really enjoy gluten-free bread, so I went bun-less and added some of my usual salad dressing for moisture and flavor.

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