Monday, November 19, 2012

We Luv Thanksgiving!

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Wanted to make sure to squeak in at least one turkey-related lunch before Thanksgiving this year! So I packed this fun one in an EasyLunchbox and used my FunBites Luv It! cutter to make it a little easier!

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We Luv Thanksgiving!
"Turkey" (ham) and cheese sandwich w/sweet pepper details, apples, orange and yellow carrots, milk box
Gibblets: The turkey ring cupcake topper in the apple compartment was found at a bake shop. The carrots were cut with the heart part of the Luv It cutter and put into a silicone muffin cup to add a splash of color.

Talking Turkey: For the sandwich I used a round cutter on two slices of bread (I saved the scraps for my breakfast snack,) and slices of ham (I didn't have any turkey! o.O) and cheese. I used a mini circle out of a scrap. If you cut the bread first you get a cleaner edge, and also the bread scraps are "clean," so they can be saved in the freezer for croutons, bread crumbs, meatloaf, French Toast Casserole, etc.
I used my Fun Bites Luv It! cutter on some red and orange mini sweet peppers to make tail feathers, and ended up with some scraps perfect for a beak and snood. I "glued" everything on with cream cheese, including the dried currant cut in half to make the eyes.
At first she wasn't sure what the feathers were made of. "Are they sweet peppers? Oh. Carrots?" Then she tried one. "Ew. Sweet peppers. Blech." She "gobbled" down everything but the sweet peppers.

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  1. Love how you used the Luv it cutter for the feathers! :) Very cute!! :)

    1. Thanks! It was easier than trying to cut gooderly! :)

  2. Your turkey is so cute! The feathers to look great!

  3. SUPER cute! I like how you cut out that extra space below your header. Makes a HUGE difference!


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