Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Happy - Scarecrow Bento

Tuesday, 10/23/12 - a fun Fall-themed lunch in an EasyLunchbox.
Ham and cheese sandwich,, "pumpkin brickle," grapes, corn
I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter on some bread for the body, minus the head. I used the same cutter on some ham to go inside, and cheese slices for the shirt and pants. I cropped the "hands" and "feet" off to make them more clothing-like. Instead of a bread head, I used a cupcake pick a friend found for me at a cakery supply shop. Some sell picks in singles, which is great for a bento-er!

I broke apart a piece of pumpkin "brickle" for dessert. We'd gotten a bag on our pumpkin patch field trip at the gift shop. It's like peanut brittle, except with pumpkin seeds (husks removed) and pie spices mixed in. It is crazy delicious.

I chose a yellow silicone flower cup and arranged some red grapes inside to look like a sunflower. Kind of.

I had made oven-baked corn on the cob the night before, and had some left over, so I used a knife to scrape down the sides to make little sheets of corn nibblets. And added a scarecrow cupcake pick to guard the corn. A white spork was included to (hopefully) help eat the corn. (It was a no-go. She didn't like it. Baby ended up eating it all later.)

Tools of the Trade
 Food Decorating Pick Fall Leave Scarecrow   


  1. This may be your shortest post ever! What is pumpkin brickle? I think i might want some!

    1. Haha! I hadn't meant to post this yet! I mush have set a date and then hit publish instead of save, so it was lying in wait!

      We got the Pumpkin Brickle at a local pumpkin patch. It's like peanut brittle, but with pumpkin seeds instead of nuts, and pumpkin pie spices mixed in. It was actually called Pumpkin Brittle, but Z started calling it "brickle" for some reason. I'd heard it called that before, so we went with it. :)
      It is *really* good. I had to ration it out so I wouldn't eat the whole bag in one sitting!

    2. Looking at the title, this must have been done in a 3am stupor. I don't even remember putting any of this together...

  2. Cute cheese outfit for the scarecrow sandwich!


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