Monday, November 5, 2012

Simple Nut-Free Bento Lunches

Tuesday, 9/25/12 - Not sure why I packed lunch, since I don't show anything on my calendar for that morning. I do know I made these that day, rather than my usual night before. She likes eating in the car, so maybe I had errands to run after preschool drop-off and packed for myself while I was at it.

Just to change it up, we'll do MY lunch first!
Mama's Lunch
Crackers, cheese scraps, Ants Sunning on a Log; Spinach and red lettuce salad with
edamame, raisins, strawberries, broccoli, carrot scraps, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing
For my Ants on a Log, I prefer SunButter over PB (hence the "Sunning on a Log.") I did some with chopped chunks of Ghirardelli (no fake ingredients!) dark chocolate, and some with NatureBox Zesty Currants. Yummm!

Z's Lunch
Kale Chips, red grapes, strawberry, Ants Sunning on a Log,
Sunbutter-honey sandwich, Ghirardelli chocolate chunk
She saw that I had the chocolate out for my Ants on a Log, and asked for some chocolate in her lunch too. So I added in half a square as her dessert.


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