Friday, November 16, 2012

Rainbow Salad and Cobra Corn

In our quest to subtract all the artificial additives from our foods, we've had to say goodbye to many of our favorite treats. As a result, I'm always on the lookout for something new to try without any artificial ingredients. So when I discovered Cobra Corn, I was intrigued. We're big Indian food fans here, and although Z and I prefer ours "zero stars," Hubby is a fan of the spicy. I figured we could try them since we'd be covered either way - SOMEONE here would love these!
Mama's Rainbow Salad
chai caramel cobra corn popcorn, avocado
Cobra Corn Chai Caramel popcorn, 1/2 avocado w/garlic powder and salt;
Rainbow Salad: red lettuce, spinach, orange carrots, golden beet, purple cauliflower,
cherry tomatoes, dried blueberries, sunflower seeds, dried edamame, raspberry vinaigrette
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Little Z and I tried both flavors first, since if we liked them, there would be no need to share with Dadda!

Mumbai Masala
We are both highly sensitive to spices; even black pepper is too spicy for us. But flavorful spices (versus "hot" spices) are usually okay, unless they're too heavy. She and I both felt that the Mumbai Masala was a tad too spicy. For me it was actually more of a portion control enforcer, since I could only eat so many at a time before I had to stop. But I could enjoy a little at a time.
Hubby liked it though, and so did Baby E! He would pull bits of popcorn off without the hull, so there was no choking risk, and let her eat them. She LOVED it! She's our little spice girl! She enjoyed his leftover macaroni and cheese with sriracha sauce too!

Chai Caramel
This one had a bit of zing to it, but was much more tolerable. I could eat more of this in one sitting! Z liked it, but needed water to help "cool off [her] mouth." But we're both sweet fiends, and will put up with a little discomfort for a yummy sweet treat!

The Verdict
If you're a fan of Indian spices, you'll love these. If you can only handle moderate to low spice levels like me, stick with the Chai Caramel!

Reasons to Try:
  • No preservatives, MSG, corn syrup, or maltodextrin
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Non-irradiated spices
  • Gluten-free
  • Low-fat, low-sodium, cholesterol-free
  • No artificial flavors or colors (or other ingredients)
  • Minimally processed
Reasons Maybe Not to Try:
  • Mambai Masala might be a bit spicy. If you're really sensitive to spices like I am.
If you're interested in adding some zing to your snack repertoire, you can see if there's a store near you that carries them, or order them online.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch and get updates as new stores begin to carry these yummy snacks!

Disclaimer: I was given a bag of each flavor for us to try. Yum!

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