Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shining Star Lunchable

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I had found these star-shaped crackers at Safeway and wanted to do something fun with them. So I packed a little DIY Lunchable! The crackers aren't really flat, but she often "deconstructs" her lunches and eats each bit separately anyway, so I knew she'd be fine not making cracker sandwiches.

Shining Star Lunchable
Cheddar, ham, grapes, carrots, cheese crackers, milk box
I had just received these silicone star cups (eBay, but World Market sells some as well,) and wanted to use them too. I tried to use a variety of colors. I cut cheddar cheese and ham with a mini star cutter. I used a tiny star cutter on some orange and yellow carrot coins, then switched the cut-outs for contrast. She loved it!
A medley of grapes on long food picks (mine came from a cake supply shop, so I was able to get stars, hearts and butterflies!) plus my star crackers to round it off.
And we have the full rainbow of colors in the fruits and veggies! Red grapes, orange/yellow carrots, green grapes, and blue/purple grapes. Yum!

Cloth star napkin came from Red Poppy Cards and Crafts on Etsy.

Tools of the Trade

*please pardon the poor lighting in the photos. These dark winter mornings are killing me!

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