Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hiccupotamus Bento

One of her favorite stories is The Hiccupotamus. She can even recite the whole thing, which is pretty impressive, considering it has a lot of made-up words. It's a fun one though, since to make it rhyme, there are a lot of silly word mash-ups. For example, the Hiccupotamus hiccups quite-a-lotamus. Every time he got'emus, he falls upon his bottomus. Stuff like that. Z goes wild for this book, it's so fun.

The Hiccupotamus Lunch
Wednesday 5/23/12 - We didn't technically need a packed lunch, since we could have gone home between Baby E's Little Gym class and Z's swim class, but with a few hours to kill, and with our Little Gym right near a Trader Joe's, I wanted to get some dye-free shopping in!
1/2 PB-Nutella sandwich, strawberries, grapes, cherries,
carrots, broccoli, assorted Plum Organics puffs, mystery box
For the sandwich I used the hippo half of a Tovolo sandwich cutter twice on the same slice of bread and added a mini chocolate chip for the eye.
For the pool of water, I used a large silicone cup I found at Daiso. For fun I added a round silicone cup in the middle to separate all three fruits.
Plum Organics Super Puffs in GreensReds, and Purples flavors. I actually got these for Baby E, but Z remembers them from her early toddler days apparently, because she gasped with delight when she saw them. It was like reuniting old friends.
I didn't take a picture with the heart box (from Dollar Tree) open, so I can't actually remember what was inside. I'm guessing Ranch, although I don't usually like to put it in those boxes, since the plastic quality is questionable. I try to avoid having to wash them so usually try to stick to non-messy items inside. But since the Puffs are the "treat," I can't imagine I put jellybeans in there too. Oh well. You'll just have to live in suspense.

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  1. This is a wonderful take and eat meal! Your hippo and the hippo book look great!

  2. how much fun is this!? thank you for linking up with kids in the kitchen! pinning-


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