Saturday, June 16, 2012

4th Birthday Bento

Thursday, 6/7/12 - Yeah. I know her birthday was over a week ago. But I forgot about this one was so behind on my posts and wanted to finish showing off May's lunches first!

A Birthday Bento for my 4-Year-Old Star!
Strawberries, PB-Nutella 2-tier sandwich w/dye-free sprinkles, cherries,
Greek honey yogurt w/sprinkles, kale chips
Birthday Star!: I chopped some strawberries up, but I kept one whole and stuck a party hat pick on top at a jaunty angle. I put the chopped ones and the last of our cherries into silicone star cups (I got my purple one imported from China via eBay, and the blue one at World Market, 6/$2.99.)

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The kale chips were a special request, which I was more than happy to oblige. Wait, what? You want veggies for your birthday? Hold on while I trip over myself to get it done!

I was making our lunches plus the snack for preschool the night before, so I opted to just use the last of the Greek honey-flavored yogurt instead of cutting cheese into stars. There wasn't enough left to give her as much as I usually would, but oh well. I added some dye-free jimmies to jazz it up. Even though she only needed a spoon, I put in one of her new sporks, since she really likes them and chooses one whenever she thinks about it.

You Take the Cake!: I got the idea to make a cake sandwich from BentOnBetterLunches, but I couldn't find my nesting biscuit cutters. And I don't have enough alphabet picks to spell out "Happy Birthday." So instead I got out my nesting stars cutters and then used some more Nutella to "frost" the top layer of "cake," and added dye-free jimmies sprinkles and a star pick "candle." (Purple. Her favorite color!)
Sadly the star got pushed in deep when the lid went on, and I had a hard time trying to pry it back up before handing her the lunch the next day. Not that she noticed, though.

Mama's Lunch
Spinach salad w/blueberries, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette.
SunButter and raisin Ants on a Log, crackers, cheese scraps
Trying to use up the last of the organic grocery-store spinach before my CSA season starts (I signed up with this farm last Summer and really liked it. But their Winter share is mostly lettuces and greens, which are not my thing. Spinach and kale (chips only!) are the only leafy items I'm even remotely interested in. And I'd still rather have a PB-honey sandwich most days. Also frantically going through the blueberries, since Hubby bought a big container of them and Z won't eat them lately. And I need to use up the celery, since it's been in there a few weeks already too. So this is a "I got to move it, move it" lunch! Also some cheese scraps from her preschool snack shapes earlier in the week, and some Tuscan Herb Leek crackers I bought on a whim, but shouldn't have. Don't get me wrong. They're tasty. But not whole grain or anything, so just empty carbs. Delicious, delicious empty carbs.
Both packed in our EasyLunchboxes. My fork is from Dollar Tree (baby section,) and sauce container is a Tupperware Smidget. Super thin flexible silicone cup was also from Dollar Tree, found at Valentine's time (6/$1. Useless for baking though. Practically too thin to stand. Perfect for bento though!)

Her birthday was a busy activity-filled day! First she came in and snuggled with Baby and got to kiss her on the face (she's always trying to kiss Baby on the face, but after 3 months of back-to-back colds (including one trip to the hospital with RSV,) we've had to crack down on the snugglings.)
Then it was "The Big Show" at Little Gym - the end of the school-year season where they get to show off the skills they've learned, and get a medal at the end! Unka Seesee took the morning off work to come and watch too. But Z hates to be the center of attention like that, so she mostly goofed around and refused to participate

Then on the way to school, she ate every last little scrap of food - except the strawberry with the hat pick.
"It's the stwawberry's birdday today, and she doesn't want to be eaten."

      hat picks

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  1. I love that picture of the girls snuggling! What a cute birthday lunch too. Wow, 4 years old! I think 4 is one of the easiest & most fun ages - enjoy :)


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