Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Times Between: July Bento and Fun Lunches

7/1/11 - Picnic lunch for after soda-making with my Kids Cooking Class.
Z's Lunch: String cheese nibblets, leftover mac-n-cheese,
U-Pick strawberries, broccoli
My lunch: PBJ (home-made mango jelly) and blueberries.
I wasn't very hungry, apparently.  
7/4/11 - Quickie snack lunch before heading off to Bob and Jessica's annual 4th of July Extravaganza!
Leftover McD apples, broccoli, cream cheese mix, Wheat Thins
My husband was making jalapeno poppers for the BBQ potluck, so he had some extra finely shredded cheddar mixed with cream cheese. She wanted cheese and crackers for snack lunch. Voila! I came up with the brilliant idea to let her spread the cheese herself, which she loves doing. I'm usually in too much of a hurry, or she's busy playing when I'm making sandwiches or whatever for her to spread the stuff. Plus she's sloppy. But here, I didn't care if she blobbed on too much cheese, or if it was all globbed onto one side, like I would with, say, my sandwich.
-7/1 lunches in an EasyLunchBox and a SnapWare sandwich box (from a set at Costco. Which came with a BUILT lunch bag that I'd been coveting for a while! Squeee!) Silicone flower liner from... either World Market or Marshall's. 
-7/4 lunch on a plate from JoAnns (I waited until it was on clearance. Boo-yah!) and knife from Ikea.

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