Monday, September 26, 2011

September Lunch Catch-Up

Here are the less-exciting lunches from the month of September. All using my EasyLunchBoxes, since they're easier for us BOTH to eat out of in the car (I can rest mine on the parking brake if I have to eat while driving. Most days I get to eat after dropping her off at school, except my working-parent days at the co-op, or the days I have my prenatal massage scheduled during school.)

Tuesday, 9/6/11 - 
Top (my lunch): Onion bagel w/cream cheese, carrot sticks,
apples w/crunchy PB
Bottom (Z's lunch): Cinnamon-raisin bagel w/cream cheese,
pea  pods, mini Hostess cupcake, blackberries
The blackberries were picked from our very own overgrown jungle backyard.
There's a Hostess outlet store up by Nana's, and the stuff there is SO CHEAP (but the trade-off is that they have short expiration dates. Not that I'm convinced that Hostess stuff ever really "expires"...) So anyway, when we visited her the weekend before, we stocked up. The mini cupcake is from a 100-calorie pack, where you get 3 cakes per packet. So this one's really only 33 calories. Such a nice little treat, and not as filling as a regular-sized cupcake or treat. The other two didn't survive the lunch-making process... *buuurp!*

Wednesday, 9/7/11 -
Top (her lunch):Box w/sprinkles, mini cinnamon coffee cake,
half a cinnamon-raisin bagel w/cream cheese, black-and-blue-berries, pea pods w/carrot flowers
Bottom (my lunch): Onion bagel w/cream cheese, mini cinnamon coffee cake,
carrot sticks, apples w/crunchy PB
Since she hadn't eaten many of the blackberries the day before (see above) stating that they were too sour, I mixed in some blueberries and added fun picks to eat them with. Plus a little container of sprinkles to dip them in, to add a little sweetener. I got the music note picks from Daiso, and I think we had a free-trial Kindermusik class that afternoon, which is why I chose them. The little bunny-graphic sprinkle box was from, and the mini cupcake liner is a pink striped one (NLA) from an assortment I bought from Bakeitpretty.
My mini cake is in a pretty Dancing Daisy baking cup from Wilton (NLA. It was available around Easter.)
The mini cinnamon coffee cakes were from a Hostess 100-calorie pack (3 mini-cakes/packet.) Since they had a really short expiration date, they were giving a box away free with every $10. To my surprise, The Princess actually likes these better than the lemon or strawberry cupcakes with frosting!
Monday, 9/12/11 -
Top (her lunch): Mozzarella cheese 'Z' and scraps,
blueberries, green beans, PBHoney sandwich
Bottom (my lunch): carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and beans,
apple slices, CoJack cheese, PBJ
Just for fun I used my mini letter cutters to make a 'Z' out of cheese. That was pretty much all I had time for that morning, as far as jazzing up her lunch. I was running late. (We had swim class at 10, then my prenatal massage at 11:20, then her 'Meet the Teachers' interview at the co-op preschool at 12:50.)
The mini-tomatoes came from the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Z expressed an interest in trying them, even though she swears she'll "never, ever eat a tomato." So my husband bought A POUND of them! Sheesh! She ate one then refused to have any more. So I guess they'll be in MY lunches for the net while..

Wednesday, 9/14/11 -
Top (my lunch): Onion bagel w/cream cheese, mini coffee cake,
carrots and tomatoes, blueberries
Bottom (Z's lunch): PBHoney, mini coffee cake, carrot sticks,
Another rushed lunch prep. We had swim at 10, then her first day at the co-op preschool (this year. We've gone the last two years as well) at 12:15.

Tuesday, 9/20/11 -
Top (her lunch): Half a berry bagel w/cream cheese, trail mix,
string cheese nibblets, carrot flowers w/broccoli, 1/2 black plum w/grapes
Bottom (my lunch): Onion bagel w/cream cheese, CoJack cheese, trail mix.carrots w/tomatoes and broccoli, 1/2 black plum w/grapes
We had a fun playtime with one of our mommy groups this day, then preschool, so I didn't have a lot of time to make lunches before we had to go (and we were still late!) I used the Wilton Snappy Stripes baking cups (turned inside-out, so you can see the design!) for her trail mix and cheese. I also put in a long heart-topped skewer/pick from Dollar Tree (100/$1!) that she used to skewer her grapes, cheese and plum slices.
My lunch has a slice of Colby Jack cheese that was used to make the letter 'C' a while back for her Clifford lunch. It was on its last legs. Tasted great with the plums though!
Cheese-and-grape kebabs! Loooove it!

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