Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June Bento/Lunch Catch-Up

6/8/11 - To go along with Z's "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies" birthday party theme, when she and I stayed at my sister's house in between her two parties, I made a buggy-themed lunch for the girls.

Pilu loves bumblebees, so I made sure to use the bee cutter for her sammies.
Pilu's lunch: cheese scraps, grapes, Butterbees
Tually's lunch: butter spider, grapes, cheddar spider
Z's lunch: grapes, butter fingers, cheddar spider
Z had wanted 'fingers' instead of a cookie-cutter sandwich. I gave Pilu the cheese scraps, since she's still fairly indiscriminate, but the older two prefer shaped cheese.

6/21/11 - Snack for Mommy. I was feeling a little hungry, and Z wanted to go outside to play with the neighbor girl, so I tossed some butter-making leftovers (bread) and birthday-party leftovers (veggies and dip) into an EasyLunchBox.
Whole grain baguette slices, snap peas and baby carrots,
garlic hummus, garlic dip

6/23/11 - I threw together a quickie-ish lunch to take to my mom's house to share with my nieces. My mom was watching them, and I was coming to help. I chose the Goodbyn since it would hold everything I wanted in one box, and I didn't really need it to stay cool on its own, since we were headed out at lunch time.
Cheddar and Swiss butterflies and scraps, string cheese nibblets, apples,
snap peas, PBJ fingers, carrots
The weird little whitish pillow things are mini ice packs. These are made with sterilized water, so they're safer than the blue ones I had. Plus they're pre-cut, so I can't mess them up! I forget where I found them.

Tually actually ate some of the PBJ fingers. Normally she'll only eat butter sandwiches, and sometimes plain jam sandwiches. But I told her that this was all I had, so it was PBJ or nothing. She ate several.

6/29/11 - Strawberry Bento! I got a new 2-tier strawberry-shaped bento box from DinoDirect.com (took FOREVER to arrive and I still haven't received the cookie cutter that prompted the order in the first place!) Came with a cute little fork and spoon snapped into the inner lid. Not a fantastic price at $13ish (I pay $1.50-$6 for most of my real bento boxes at Daiso) but shipping was free.
We had a kids story time with one of my moms groups, followed by swim class, so I packed a lunch to eat in between.
String cheese nibblets, strawberries, carrot coin flowers;
Ranch, raspberries, mac 'n cheese
I got the pink rose and blue butterfly silicone cups off eBay (but there's a cute kit with some different butterfly ones on Amazon. WANT!) and the little angel/airplane cup holding the Ranch from a 4-pack at Daiso. The grass baran is also from Daiso.

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  1. I love your cute strawberry tins! Mo would get such a kick out of that, strawberries are a favorite.


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