Saturday, July 16, 2011

America's Family Pet Expo in Puyallup - Recap!

I didn't end up getting to go to the America's Family Pet Expo in Puyallup, since we had a busy weekend with a local fair I had volunteered at (my MOMS Club chapter offers a booth for moms to take a break, feed/nurse kiddos, and change diapers, plus a craft for any waiting siblings.) Plus jam-making at Grandma's, and a day slotted for garage cleaning (since my husband is just about ready to pack up, take the kid, and leave me alone in this cesspool of my junk stuff we call a home. So we compromised. A garage sale first, then donate all the stuff he wants to get rid of now, if it doesn't sell.) Since we had already "booked" Grandma and Grandpa for that Saturday a month earlier, Sunday was either Pet Expo or my marriage and child. It took a moment... No contest.

But my ticket giveaway winner got to go, and it sounds like she had a BLAST! Here's what my winner, Ryan from Random Ramblings, had to say about it!

I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the pet expo.
We started off by going to the horse building. It was so fun to be able to be up close to such majestic creatures. They were all such kind horses as well. You could see it in their eyes that they enjoyed the touch and attention that they were getting. Some of the horses were in a professional group, but we did not get to see what they actually did, since we had to quickly get over to the main expo building to watch the "Weiner Dog Races" which was funny and cute, all at the same time. My husband was especially looking forwards to this event.
We then toured around the main building, where there were many samples for our cat. Since she is a picky eater, it was great to be able to get these samples. She's tried two already and hated one, but loved the low calorie of another. Crazy cat. Anyway, they also had different breeds of dogs scattered around the building that you could get more information on such as the French & English bulldogs, German shepherds, cocker spaniels, and some breeds which I had never heard of before. At the rear of the building, the had a big section for pet adoptions, and it looked like quite a few people were adopting as well.
The cat building was right next door. This was my favorite place. They had a cat show going on in here with purebred cats. I was finally able to see a Russian blue and Ragdoll in person. My husband also fell in love with a breed that he had never heard of before, the Somali. The ruddy colored Somali is very beautiful!
We ended our time there with JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show. This was the famous frisbee dogs that you may have seen on TV, catching multiple frisbees and doing flips and whatnot. They were so fun to watch. Its amazing how they can do those flips in the air and catch the frisbee at the same time! All the dogs were happy to be there as well and LOVED their frisbees. I am pretty sure at least one frisbee was destroyed because the dog was happily chewing away at it while the announcer announced him!
The weather was wonderful. 80 degrees and sunny. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you so much for making my husbands birthday memorable by having this giveaway. We really appreciate it.

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