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Wordless Wednesday - 6/13/11

Wordless Wednesday
6/10/11 - 
Slip-N-Sliding for the first time at best-friend-neighbor-girl's
brother's 2nd birthday party
6/12/11 - This week she got a substitute swim teacher who immediately took off her tummy floatie, leaving only the 3 bricks of foam strapped to her back. This new teacher made her actually try, and Z and I were both thrilled and amazed at how much she could really do! Her June teacher was really close to making her try all this stuff, but we switched class days in July due to conflicts with ballet, and the July teacher lets her get away with being lazy. Apparently the July teacher left, and I hope the new teacher is as challenging as this one!

She did most of the swimming without the
teacher holding on to her, for the first time ever.

Less than thrilled at having to do lots of
extra "eyes-in" face-dips.
Most classes she's only asked to do it once.
First time doing her back-crawl (mostly) by herself!
(Teacher has one hand under her head.)
The last part of class, with the water slide and jumping in were still a fuss-fest, but worse than it's been lately (although the July teacher let her wear goggles the whole time last class, so there was no fuss.) She'd been challenged in this class more than ever before, in anything, so I wasn't surprised when she broke down during the slide and splashy parts. She just had nothing in reserve to help her deal. I was super proud, but it was emotionally tiring for us both. But she enjoyed trying to swim without being held, and I even had to yell at her a few times for letting go of the edge of the pool when it wasn't her turn (she just 'graduated' last week into being able to stay in the water and hold onto the side, rather than sitting up with just her feet dangling in, between her turns.)

...Okay. Maybe not so "Wordless" this week. But I was so stinkin' proud of her at swim class!

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