Friday, July 1, 2011

Boogie Bowl!

There's a bowling place near us (I hesitate to call it a "bowling alley"... it's more of a bowling emporium!) that has "Twisted Tuesdays;" $3 shoe rental and $3/game (plus beer specials, but that's not really my cup of tea at 11am with my preschooler...) So I took The Princess bowling for the first time ever. I'd heard that they have bumpers that they can put up to block the gutters, and a ramp for littler ones to roll the ball down rather than have to throw it (although, with my help, she did get  all the way to the pins the one time we tried!)

It's a long-ish clip. Please note the little bum-shimmy after the 2nd bowl/high five! And the solemn bows at the end!


  1. Lmao! That's how I *want* to bowl, but I have a feeling that it wouldn't be found nearly as cute. :P

  2. I swear, when she was a newborn, like within a few weeks old, she was boogie-ing in my arms to music one time. I could feel her little torso trying to get jiggy with it! I sing to her a lot and use music as a calming and motivational tool (we sing a parody of Dora's "Backpack" song for bath time, for example. And when she'd get upset in the car because she wanted to be home already, or whatever, I'd make up words to the Peter Pan song "Following the Leader" to be whatever she was asking for. "We are headed home now, home now, home now" etc.)


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