Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WFLW - Think Spring!

3/15/11 - This week I actually had our after-gym bento all made up the night before, so I got to put a little more effort into it. But since my husband is out of town, I still had to deal with "Mommy, play with me!" and bedtime routine and such. So I wasn't able to think of anything truly creative to try and do.

Z's lunch:
Carrots, string cheese, Colby Jack cheese, Ranch (in blue container;)
Easy Mac; Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries;
Pirate's Booty and sweet potato chips.
My Laptop Lunch box was a perfect fit for my lunch. I used the leftover Easy Mac from her dinner Monday night in the little dark blue container (with lid.) I put some Terra sweet potato chips along with some Trader Joe's cheese puffs (just like Pirate's Booty) as a treat.
In the purple container (top left) I cut up some carrot flowers (I sliced the carrot into strips lengthwise, since coins wouldn't have been big enough for the veggie cutter) and put them in a square silicone muffin cup I used my mini flower cookie cutter on some Colby Jack cheese, and cut up a string cheese to make the flower's center (and fill the rest of the box.) The little blue container has Ranch for dipping.
In the pinkish container (with lid) I put raspberries (and one lone blueberry refugee, apparently) in a silicone butterfly muffin cup (eBay - search butterfly cup, butterfly baking or silicone butterfly. There's several different ones out there,) and some leaf picks in two big juicy strawberries. I filled the spaces with blueberries. And then for fun, I made a blueberry-raspberry kebab on a long flower pick I found at Uwajimaya.

My lunch:
Cheese, carrots, strawberries; Ham and cheese pastry bites
I packed her scraps and my lunch into my Lunchbots Duo. I baked up a box of Trader Joe's "Uncured Ham and Cheese on Puff Pastry" bites for Monday's dinner, and stuffed as many as I could into my bento for lunch the next day. I used another silicone butterfly cup (also eBay) to hold the carrot scraps. I also chopped up her Colby Jack cheese scraps and stuffed them around the butterfly cup. Plus two strawberries for me! ...Or maybe not...!

We sat with the two girls from her gym class who usually stay after for lunch as well. I was really happy when Z asked to sit at their table, since she's usually fairly anti-social. Each of the girls ended up eating one of our strawberries (leaving two...) and Z bit into one (leaving one.) And I ended up saving the last one for her, just in case. They shared their Snappea Crisps (I first learned about them from this mom) and part of a pickle with Z.

3/10/11 - Breakfast/snack/lunch for the 90-minute drive to my sister's house. She ate most of the sandwich (but not the crusts,) some pretzels and dug around under the Monterey Jack stars (extras from Tinkerbelle bento 2 weeks ago) for string cheese nibblets.
PB Honey, pretzel logs, Snappea Crisps; Monterey Jack stars and string cheese nibblets;
Grape, raspberry and blueberry medley.
I shared the rest with my nieces for lunch that day. No one was interested in the Snappea Crisps, so I got to eat them all! I saved the leftover pretzels for lunch the next day.

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