Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WFLW - Quickie Snack Bento

Instead of gym class Tuesday morning, Little Z was going to Grammelena's house while I got my crown put in. Since we'd have to get up early in order to get her up to Gramma's and me back down to my dentist's my 10AM (all during rush hour traffic, of course,) I figured she probably wouldn't have time for breakfast. Z usually isn't hungry for 10-15 minutes after waking, which we just don't have time for some mornings. So I packed a simple bento that she could snack on in the car or eat at Gramma's house later.
Apple bits, Mozzerella cheese stars, PBHoney English muffin, Greek yogurt with honey

I used my new Tinkerbell box that I got on clearance ($3, reg. $5.50) from the Disney store. It's fairly small, as you can see. Just a little larger than an English muffin. The apple bits were salvaged from a half-chewed apple. She likes whole apples, but doesn't like the peel. But she doesn't want us to peel it either, no! She bites off bits of peel molecule-by-molecule then spits them out into a bowl or cup. Then she's usually bored or full by the time the whole apple is denuded, and leaves it. So I cut off all the chewed bits and the core.
I used my Wilton Food Writers to make a winking face on one of the mozzerella stars, but the Wilton pens are really terrible on cheese. The cheese is in a container I got in a set from Daiso. And Unka Seesee got some cinnamon-raisin English muffins, and Z liked it when I made one a week ago, plus they're the perfect size and shape for this box. I was able to stack both halves, with just a little smooshing when I put the lid on.

For the yogurt, I got to use my Kinderville Bigger Bites jars, which are water-tight, but easy for kids to open. I chose the larger one, rather than the little ones I also bought at the same time, because this girl can seriously pack away the yogurt! Since I wasn't sure if my mom had any honey on-hand, and Z likes a little yogurt with her honey, I layered yogurt and honey, parfait-style! Apparently it still wasn't enough honey! Luckily my mom had some too!

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