Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 3/9/11

I've never participated in Wordless Wednesday before, but I got so many cute pictures this week, I thought I'd toss something out there to keep all the Grammas happy! As anyone can tell you, me without words is like a toddler without the tantrums. A statistical impossibility! But I'll try and keep the chit-chat down to a minimum! Enjoy!

3/1/11 - Time for Tea
Tea party with her cousins
3/2/11 - "I completely know all about doing scissors"
Using scissors for the first time ever,
crafting at my sister's
"I want the big stawberry!"
Chocolate covered strawberry - almost too big!
3/3/11 - Diaper Hat
Her idea. What can I say? She's a kook.
My Nest Is Best
She has taken to piling every stuffed animal within 1000 miles
onto Unka Seesee's chair and snuggling.
Unka Seesee now sits in my spot on the couch.
I get the floor.
Princess Minnie hat, bunny tail "bracelets," "Ballerina skirt"
More Dress-up!
In a kitty costume (ears, paws, tail) I got on clearance for $1 at Claire's.
She's been doing this face, and calls it her "funny face."
Stories With Daddy
She gathered all her plushies into a pile on the floor
and asked for a blanket... and a story.

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