Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bake It Pretty-er!

Bake It Pretty just updated their website, and Oh! Is it gorgeous! And SO much easier to navigate! They sell cookie cutters, cupcake/muffin toppers and picks, eye-popping cupcake/muffin liners, edible decorations and SUGAR EYES! (Can't you just SEE those on a little cookie-cutter cheese animal? Or sandwich? Squee!) Also sprinkles, party favors, candy molds, packaging for candy and baked goods, and too much more fun stuff to list!

They had some discount codes before their "remodel" so I ordered up and took advantage of the savings. But now they have SO MANY new things that I want! And they restocked the Winter Hat picks that I used in my Let It Snow MTM, and my Snowman and Winter Wonderland bentos! Squee!
Here's a peek at some that I'm positively aching over right now! They will be mine.. Oh yes. They will be mine! I absolutely positively really REALLY want the Tea PartyLittle Girl Dress-Up, Lemon Slice, New Year's Clocks, Aliens, and Skeleton Man picks, and the Fairy Toppers.

The bulk of my order were picks I've been coveting all year, plus some new ones I'd never seen before!
The Halloween Greetings, Heart Crowns, and Royal Flush picks are ones I'd been eyeballing for a while. The Biodegradable Snowflakes (they were super cheap on clearance, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, since the reusability value is decreased,) and (now unavailable) Gingerbread Man picks were on clearance, plus the discount code. And I'd never seen the Pine Cones or Rubber Ducky picks before, but HAD to have them! Princess is on a Rubber Ducky kick right now, ever since her ducky-shaped soap broke. I can't WAIT to use these! She's gonna go bonkers! Apparently I also got the Graveyard Picks but forgot to put them in the picture and have since misplaced them.

Surprise Grab Bags
On a lark, I decided to get some of their Surprise Grab Bags, which they no longer offer. They were $2.95 each, so only ~$2.05 each after discount. Full of loose and discontinued goodies!
Red, White and Blue/Picnic themed Grab Bag
The first one contained a classic-style popcorn bag, small white bag, 3 2-sided polka-dot/lattice cupcake wrappers, 2 flag picks, strawberry pick, wooden fork and spoon, Ducky pick (nuts! I don't need the other 12 I got now! Just this one would have been fine,) plastic bird whistle, 3 paper straws, and 10 red checker cupcake liner/covers.
Tutti-Fruity themed Grab Bag
The second was stuffed with various cupcake liners (14 aqua with brown dots, 10 pink tilt-a-whirl, and 20 mini pink ones,) an orange paper bag, 3 paper straws, a lime pick, and a strawberry pick.

I really love these Grab Bags. Were they fantabulously cost-effective? Probably not. But I prefer to get a little bit of a lot of things, rather than loads of just a few things. For the same price as each grab bag, I could have bought a pack of cupcake picks or liners, but I'd have more than I'd ever need of each one. So these are perfect for my purposes! I don't need 12-24 matching parts! I can totally use just a single pick or mix and matched cupcake liners in one of my lunches! I hope they bring them back! Now I just need to find a creative use for the straws... maybe to hold sprinkles for yogurt or pudding...?

Cupcakes 101 - Baking and Decorating Kit
My big splurge was an item I've been coveting for a while, for no reason. They used to offer a Cupcakes 101 - Baking and Decorating Kit. A big mystery grab bag, basically. Guaranteed to have 3 oz. sprinkles of some kind, hundreds of cupcake liners (I forget what number they listed,) and over 2 dozen cupcake toppers. In a sexy little suitcase box! Squee! It was a risky spend at $23 (before the 30% off,) but this seemed like the best time to buy it! And as they don't currently offer these, it apparently WAS the best time!

I haven't counted, but each cupcake liner style seems to have around 20 liners. So somewhere between 180 and 200 total probably. Redblue, and orange polka-dots; orange (or possibly red,) green and purple gingham; and goldblack, and yellow Carnival stripes baking cups. A 3.2 oz shaker of Pearlized Jewel Jimmies sprinkles. And 4 ring toppers, a finger puppet topper, a plastic rabbit topper, and 22 picks.
In the photo, the toppers are all to the right of the box. Roughly in order left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Halloween bat ring (looks almost like Batman logo!) skull and crossbones ring, Easter chick ring, sparkly cupcake and ice cream cone fork/picks, fireworks pick, clown head pick, jewel ring, Santa on sleigh pick, sparkly flower fork/pick, Harley Davidson pick, 2 music note picks, pansy pick, Pepsi can pick, Superman logo pick, daisy pick, life preserver pick, #1 game finger pick, plastic rose pick, pink and blue and yellow Easter/Spring animal picks (the only ones I already have,) smiley face pick, Halloween greetings pick, blue monster finger puppet (kind of under the tag,) Happy Birthday heart pick, and bunny topper. Whew! I don't know if they normally have such varied assortments, or if they read my note, saying I preferred a little of everything.

Fantastic value? Meh. I can get 48 of these same liners for $3.25, so a little fewer than 150 liners would only be $9.75. Let's round it up to $12, since there's probably around 180 in here. Picks are around $2-3 per dozen, but mostly closer to $3. So let's say $5 for 2 dozen. So far, at $17 value. The pearlized jimmies they carry are $2.50. So I paid $23 for around $19.50 worth of product, plus the cute box. Would I have paid $2.50 for the box? Very probably! Would I have chosen these exact picks, toppers and liners? No. But I'll definitely find uses for almost all of them! So a wash, value-wise, but I now have a great assortment of no-longer-available picks, and for my purposes, one each is plenty!

Shop now!
Right now you can get free shipping on all orders over $50. I think they ship priority. My shipping was $14.95, which ended up cancelling out my 30% off (orders of $50 or more.) [My order was exactly $50 before the discount! So just like getting free shipping!]

Disclaimer: This review/shameless plug was in no way solicited by Bake It Pretty, nor am I receiving compensation of any kind. I just love their products so much, and their free shipping offer and my recently arrived shipment of goodies made it seem like a good time to show off my loot gush about them.


  1. OMG! Saw this on MTM Facebook page, wow what awesome stuff...thanks for sharing the site with us. Heading over to check them out now :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for visiting! I just love love love the stuff they carry. I keep finding more that I want! Luckily they have a "wishlist" feature, so I don't have to try and remember it all myself!

  3. Well, I came over to comment on MTM but got totally distracted because omg - I totally must have pine cone picks.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and words of support. I've never heard of Bake it Pretty, but I will have to check it out. I'm always on the look out for cute cupcake papers :0)


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