Thursday, June 16, 2011

With Love, to My Husband

Even though it's now technically the next day, I wanted to wish my wonderful husband a happy 6th/15th anniversary!

June 15th, 1996: we went out on our first date. Dinner, shopping and a movie (The Rock. Which he lied and said he hadn't seen yet, since I was so excited about seeing it.)
June 15, 2001: After dinner, shopping and a movie (and a make-your-own candy necklace kit!) he proposed.
June 15, 2005: We got married (finally!)
June 15, 2008: (Which also happened to be his very first Father's Day,) we lay back in exhaustion with our 1-week-old, as my in-laws invaded and fed us! Scooore!
June 15, 2011: He came home early and took The Princess to her "Big Show" at Little Gym while I went to my MOMS Club board meeting. He was a champ, and even put her to bed, since I was still gone, and never once texted or called asking me when was I coming home. I love you so much, honey. Thank you.
Thank you for loving me and putting up with all my crap. I hope that we'll have many more years of hitting you with a pillow when you snore of love, friendship and all that sappy stuff.

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  1. Aww, how sweet! It's awesome that you went on your first date, got engaged, and got married on the same dates. <3


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