Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WFLW - The Cat's Meow

Since I had virtually no last-minute prep work (for once) for my butter-making Kids Cooking Class, I actually had time to make a lunch to eat at the park after! Woohoo! (Although I did manage to mess up the only prep I had - remembering to bring the jars, marbles, napkins and cream. Had to turn around halfway to the park to go back for the cream. And the lunch! D'oh!)

The Cat's Meow (or: Buttered Cat*)
PBHoney cat, green beans, Ranch, string cheese nibblets, strawberries
*A little shout-out to my friend James Ernest, and his card game, Falling. Although only my husband will get the reference, since I doubt James reads my blog! In fact, maybe not even my husband. He doesn't always read my posts either... Slacker. But basically, here's the premise behind the phrase. If toast always lands butter-side up, and cats always land on their feet, then if you put buttered toast on a cat's back, how can it land? So the "buttered cat" became a phrase for something that falls forever, or can't land, or even an anomaly or impossible conundrum.

I chose one of my EasyLunchBoxes mostly because I was feeling lazy and not in the mood to make everything all fancy and able to fit into a traditional bento box, and I wouldn't have enough different foods to bother with my Laptop Lunches. Plus these are *much* easier to clean and fewer parts to keep track of. And the cooler bag fit my ice pack, EasyLunchBox and 2 pints of Heavy Whipping Cream (for the butter making class) perfectly!

I didn't really have a theme in mind when I started, and I went to gaze into my cutter cupboard for inspiration. [Yes, you read that right. I have a cupboard full of cookie cutters. Two, actually. Plus my other tools, bento boxes, sprinkles, etc. But the cutters take up the most room.] This cat cutter was sitting out on the counter, since I had pulled it out as a candidate for making Totoro-themed foods for a friend's daughter's birthday party, since the head is Totoro-shaped. My cat-head cutter is too wibbly on the sides. :(
To jazz it up, I used my food writers to draw on a face, which is hard to do on bread.

After I made the cat sandwich, the phrase "the cat's meow" popped into my head, so I decided I could just write "MEOW" on the cheese and call it good. Sadly, the Wilton food writers are terrible on cheese. Just awful. Like pulling teeth. I hear the Betty Crocker and Americolor ones are way better.

Princess didn't care that the ink looked bad. She was thrilled to have words in her food! She identified all the letters, but then only ate one of them.
She ended up eating all of the green beans and Ranch, and the head off the sandwich. No strawberries, and just the one cheese nibblet. She was playing around with the other 3 that had letters on them and dropped them by accident. I ended up eating all the strawberries. They were super sweet!
As we were walking to the car to leave, she asked for the rest of her sandwich and finished it off.

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  1. So funny - our kids are so completely opposite. My daughter wouldn't touch beans to save her life, but she'd have pigged everything else off, definitely. And the strawberries would have been the first to go! :o)

  2. Maurene would love the strawberries and Audrey would have fought for the sandwich! Kids are so funny.


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