Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Crafty Gift Idea - NO PEEKING, HONEY!

For our (roughly) monthly kids craft activity, this month Miss Jessica came up with a fantastic idea: a snack mix Father's Day gift! What makes it so fun and clever is the little prose, explaining why all the ingredients are in the mix.
Here’s a treat for you because I think you are neat
and need something yummy to eat!
Father’s Day Trail Mix
Marshmallows – because you are a “big softy”                      
Nuts- because I’m “nuts” about you
Raisins – because you’re “raisin” me
Butterscotch Chips- because I’m a “chip off the old block”
M&M’s- because you “Mean so Much”
She set up a table at a park with all the ingredients buffet-style, for the kids (or MOMS) to scoop into a baggie, shake to mix, then pour into a jar.
Photo credit: Miss Jessica
Because she is very crafty, she used her Cricut and some scrapbook paper to make gift tags and lid covers, and printed out round labels for the lids and square labels for the tags. Too cute!
She also made blank strips on fancy scrapbook paper backgrounds for the kids to decorate and wrap around the jars.
Since we couldn't make it to the craft event, Miss Jessica kindly brought us a filled jar, all the paper tags and such, and some sticker sheets.
After drawing some "flowers," Little Z stuck on some amusement park- and dragon-themed stickers. As she placed each sticker on, she'd tell me the story behind it.

Please note the kids on the right side, each holding a teddy bear. She put a "Princess crown" on the little girl sticker, and gave them a goldfish in a baggie. She called the shield sticker below them a sword. The large purple dragon is the Daddy, and the little one is the baby. 
Also note that each dragon sticker has a line colored across it. She did that to "trap the dragons and keep all of the kids safe."
"Daddy's going to LOOOOOVE this!"


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